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We are psyched to have been on NPR today discussing pizza. We were heard on WLRN in Miami. Unfortunately due to policies, we were not able to specifically mention the names of the places during the broadcast, and many readers and listeners have asked us to publish the names of the two places that we said we really liked.  Although there are many great places throughout the listening area, we tried to focus on only a couple that quickly came to mind. If we had more time we would have mentioned dozens of other places throughout the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, so we apologize to the places that we love, but still managed to neglect. Here are the two places:


Mama B’s Pizza Aventura Mall Food Court

img_0500img_0501Mama B’s Pizza is located in the food court of the Aventura mall.  After walking by the counter the other day I noticed this thing which appeared to look like a slice of Sicilian.  Upon further approach, it was indeed a Sicilian slice.

So I ordered it and paid about $3.00, I forget since I threw away the receipt with the pizza tray, for this slice that was literally the size of my palm.  I just had to order it just so I could take a photo and show you what these non caring owners are serving as pizza.  In my opinion this slice should have been thrown out and not served to the public.  At any stage of the process after cutting the pie they should have noticed the minute size of this slice.  They could have noticed how small it was when the visually compared it to the other slices.  They could have noticed how small it was when the placed it in the oven.  They could have noticed how small it was when they took it back out of the oven.  They could have noticed how small it was when they gave it to me.  They could have noticed how small it was when they took the money from me.  Actually money is a good thing to bring up here.  My $5.00 bill was actually a bit bigger then this slice if you could imagine how small the slice was.

Mama B’s in the Aventura Mall either has a blind staff, an incompetent staff, or just a staff who doesn’t give a crap about their jobs and providing a fair portion of food for the price.  The slice didn’t even taste that bad, but I was only able to take about 2 bites so it is hard to give an actual review.  Most of the slice was crust as you can see by the photo, and the rest of it was about 2 bites if that of cheese and sauce.  Shame on you Mama B’s for what seems like in my opinion to be ripping off your customers.  Personally I would never go back there, as I feel too slighted by my first experience here.  I would have liked to try the regular slice and garlic knots here since I heard from someone the knots are good.

Now I know, nobody told me to order a slice that looked this small, and perhaps there was a small chance that if I brought up the size to someone behind the counter, they might have offered me to get something else instead.  So I will be a bit fair in that regards.  But since they had no problem serving me this small insult, I have no problem giving it a small amount of slices for their rating.  Mama B’s in the Aventura Mall Food Court gets 2 out of 8 slices.  They would have gotten 1 but what I did taste wasn’t rancid.