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Henry’s 12th Street Tavern Pizza Portland, OR

Mrs. BDB and I were out for a pub crawl last Friday nite, and began our journey at a bar in the NW. We thought we’d better eat first, and by chance wandered into Henry’s Tavern, at Burnside and 12th. Henry’s is part of RUI, the Seattle restaurant corporation, the same folks who brought you Kincaids, Palomino, Newport, Stanfords, etc., etc, ad nauseum. Cookie cutter casual dining for a cookie cutter society.


Geraldi’s Italian Eating Place Pizza Portland, OR

When the sign on the door says “25 years in business” (and hopefully it isn’t left over from the last guy), well, that’s a pretty good sign.

I’ve been in here before, had an Italian beef ‘hero’ (they called it “Chicago beef”) which was pretty good, as I recall. I didn’t ask them then, or today, if they made the roast in-house or purchased it. It’s not Vienna’s product, which I usually prefer.


Mississippi Pizza Pub Portland, Or

Thanks to @burgerdogboy for sending in this review.  You can find his other reviews here! Someone should tell Mississippi Pizza that they are long overdue for a website redesign!

Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I were off to the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair in Portland, yesterday, one of dozens of summer fetes city neighborhoods have to offer. We wandered the mile or so of the closed off street and glanced, or in some cases (like Mr. Green Beans), perused and purchased local wares.


Pazzo Ristorante‎ Pizza Portland, OR

In my opinion, it’s hard to find anything affiliated with the Kimpton Hotel chain that is “wrong.” Our experiences in these hotels, around the country, and here in Portland, have been absolutely superb. In fact, the Portland Monaco (formerly Fifth Avenue Suites) was Mrs. BDB and my choice to host our wedding party, back in the day. The concierge there, during our visit, saved our bacon on more than one occasion during the turmoil of putting a wedding together!


Pizza Caboose Tigard Oregon

Pizza preferences are such a personal thing, aren’t they? One man’s cheese eden is another man’s slop. Same with crust, sauce, toppings. I can forgive a lot of deficiencies if the crust and/or toppings are superb.

Pizza Caboose, in Tigard, OR, a suburb of Portland, delivers there pizzas in “radio dispatched trucks with ovens”, and judging by the size of the fleet when I have driven past this joint, a lot of people’s personal preferences must match the Caboose’s recipe.


Godfather’s Pizza Tigard Oregon

Started in 1973 in Omaha, Godfather’s tried to go elbow to elbow with Pizza Hut, and at the time, Shakey’s.  The chain was spun off to Pillsbury when they thought they wanted to be in the restaurant business. It was at the time they also held Burger King, and a pie chain which I have long since forgotten the name of. Pillsbury got out of the restaurant business, and the chain was the object of an MBO.


Sunset Family Pizza Gold Beach, OR

“Employee entrance only – Carla’s Kitchen” says the sign on the back door. Online references state that this is the former home of a place called “Grants Cafe”. But now, it’s all about “Sunset Family Pizza.” Is that a family named “Sunset?” Or an indication that the restaurant is “family friendly?” I didn’t care enough to ask, when I was zipping thru Gold Beach, Oregon on a late night return from a biz meeting in Crescent City, California, a town so dreary, it doesn’t deserve more than this single sentence from me.


Jo Bar & Rotisserie Pizza Portland Oregon

jobar.pngAnother excellent post from our friends over at BurgersDogsPizza.  Burgerdogboy. their lead writer does an excellent job describing the pizza.

The food was superb, but we were sorry to be there on the day which, apparently, every single staff member lost a dear relative…or their cat…or…..really, this was the gloomiest set of service personnel I have experienced in years, and generally the mood of a food establishment starts at the top, and filters down…so something was amiss.

Gladstone Coffee and Pizza Portland

thegladstone.jpgAnother amazing post from our friends at Portland Pizza.

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that Gladstone located on 3813 SE (503)-775-1537 Gladstone St is totally weird? Not only is Gladstone Pizza actually The Gladstone Coffee, magically transformed from bins-furniture cafe into bins-furniture pizza place after 5 PM, but some friends and I felt like we had been plopped into Inland Empire while waiting for our bumbling waiter to stop fishing for non-sequiturs and take our order. There was a woman a few picnic tables behind us who couldn’t stop plunging her hands into her tank top to show off her new, full chest tattoo. There was a smoking patch of ground (yes, smoking, and yes, substantially) about a stone’s throw from our table that was the prime entertainment for bantering barflys at the Gladstone Pub next door. There was a group of kids trying to run cars off of 39th with a basketball. And there was a long, long wait for our pizza.


Tastebud Pizza Wood Fired Rustic Baking in Portland

This post comes to us courtesy of our friends at The Portland Pizza Blog.

As it’s been a while, I’ll try to keep this review brief. The strength of my memory, however, is strong, on account of one of the best ‘zas in Portland. Yes, it is pricier than some for their specialty pies (though no worse than Hammy’s), but for a tasty, luscious, fresher-than-fresh pizza, one must look no further. Except maybe Apizza Scholls, the review for which is also long overdue.