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Sabina’s Wood Fired Pizza Restaurant Saratoga Springs, NY

Perhaps if there was some extraterrestrial place to travel for a six week vacation off the planet earth, it would be called The Spa – Saratoga Springs to be specific. And yes, there is pizza in Saratoga Springs. When I arrived at Sabina’s Wood Fired Pizza, I had expected something interesting along the lines of other wood fired pizza ovens. My friend and I were greeted by a local who’s family owns and operates Panza’s, a fine italian restaurant. When I mentioned my desire to eat the best pizza in Saratoga Springs for the benefit of the readers of WorstPizza, he immediately pointed to his own family’s establishment. I will try to get to Panza’s before I leave tomorrow.

Tonight, it was Sabina’s Wood Fired Pizza. This little establishment is directly opposite the oldest and first thoroughbred race track in the U.S. Every year from the middle of July to the end of August, This town is booming and clamoring for entertainment, bar scenes from the Horseshoe and Siro’s, not to mention food and horse racing.