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Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza Henrietta, NY

The first stop when I arrived in Rochester, during my previous trip was at Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza. Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza is located in a suburb of Rochester known as Henrietta. I actually almost forgot about this place, until I was looking through my notes, so my apologies for writing about it out of order. After getting a chance to speak with The Rochester Pizza Guy during our car ride in the frigid rain to Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza, I learned that Rochester actually has a nice group of pizza lovers, and pizza places to satisfy their cravings. He didn’t pick Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza because it was the best, he picked it cause he thought it was a nice place to start, outside the city, since we probably wouldn’t get out these ways during the remainder of my trip.


Galleria Pizza Rochester, NY

Right next to the hotel where I was staying in Rochester, NY, was this pizza place named Galleria Pizza. It was located within one the office high-rises throughout downtown Rochester. For some reason, I was completely disheveled during this trip, and forgot half the necessary items needed to keep oneself hygienic. Luckily the office building next to the Rochester Plaza Hotel, had a conienence store located on the bottom, and I was able to grab many of the necessities I needed, so that I remained as beautiful as usual. While exiting the building, I noticed the pizza place, and made a mental note to try it out during my stay. I knew the Rochester Pizza Guy had plenty of other places for me to try, so I figured I would try it out in between sessions at the conference I was at.


The Pizza Stop Rochester, NY

After trying some of the best pizza in Rochester, NY, at Tony D’s Pizza, the Rochester Pizza Guy met me for lunch the following day, and we went to one of his local downtown favorites named The Pizza Stop for a slice or two. This was a perfect opportunity to try some of the local individual pizza slices that downtown Rochester has to offer. As the Rochester Pizza Guy said on his blog post about our encounters:

“Second, Lapp comes at pizza from a different background. He grew up downstate, where excellent pizza is practically a birthright, and world-class pizza isn’t hard to find. And he informs me that South Florida is home to many terrific pizzerias as well, thanks in part to all the New York transplants down there. No knock on Western New York, where I was born and raised, but I think that the sum of my pizza experiences has probably led to my personal pizza bar being set a little lower than Lapp’s.  “

I was hoping that this statement wasn’t entirely correct, since Rochester Pizza Guy was spot on about Tony D’s, and it would make no difference where each of us grew up. It was great pizza regardless of geography. So, since he chose this locale, I was really optimistic that this would be an amazing slice.


Tony D’s Pizza Rochester, NY – Best Pizza Rochester

Recently I had the privilege or grabbing a few slices with the Rochester Pizza Guy. He is a pizza reviewer (blogger) that covers most of the Rochester, Buffalo region. He shares the same passion as I do, and that is finding the best pizza around, while helping others avoid getting bad slices of pizza. I knew I could trust him to guide me to the best pizza in Rochester, NY, and boy am I glad I did. Not only did he guide me to Tony D’s Pizza in Rochester, after my close friend Herb texted me the recommendation, but he also came and enjoyed the pizza with me. I will cover some of the other spots he took me to, which weren’t as awesome as Tony D’s, but I figured I would start with the best I had in the city first.


Sully’s Pizza Webster New York

sullys_pizza.jpgThis story comes to us from our friends at the RochesterNYPizzaBlog.  Sully’s Family Pizzeria is located in a convenience store at the corner of Plank Road and Empire Blvd. in Webster. Ordinarily I would not bother with reviewing convenience store pizza, since I assume a lot of it is not made from scratch on the premises, but this place advertises itself as a pizzeria, and as a matter of fact someone behind the counter was busy stretching out some dough when I went in.
(Before I get to the pizza, I should mention that this place has no connection to Sully’s Pub in Rochester, which also makes pizza, and which I have not tried yet, though I intend to at some point.)


Hong Kong House Pizza Rochester NY

Hongkongpizza.jpgAnother great post from our friends at The Rochester NY Pizza Blog.

Yes, you read that right. The Hong Kong House. A Chinese restaurant. On a pizza blog.
Over the years, this location has housed “Little Saigon,” “Fast Chinese Restaurant” (love that name), and the Imperial Chinese restaurant. Given the building’s facade, it will probably always house something along those lines, barring a major facelift.


Little Louie’s Pizza Spencerport, NY Best Pizza Rochester

Little+Louies+PieThis is another excellent post from our friends at The Rochester NY Pizza Blog.

Little Louie’s in on North Union St. (Rt. 259), just off Rt. 104 in Spencerport. It’s in a small strip plaza that it shares with a dance studio and a fireplace dealer.
The way the pizza is served here is a little unusual.