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Grimaldi’s Pizza Limelight New York City

In the first season of Sex and the City, only real New Yorkers knew that “the Church of Disco” was a real place, and that place was the Limelight. Like any club, it always seemed cooler in the past. I never went dancing there. I wasn’t that cool. I did attend a few artsy events in the converted church on Sixth Avenue, but it didn’t live up to the stories I’d heard from other people.

Despite any meaningful personal experience with the space, when the building was repurposed yet again last year, I was offended to hear that it had gone retail. Divided into booths like a flea market, most of the vendors sell pretentious, high-end, useless things. And they were sold out of the Rhubarb bitters I wanted.

When I heard that Grimaldi’s pizza was opening a satellite restaurant on the ground floor, I was conflicted. Was this evidence that the Once-best had turned into the tourist trap that many claimed? Would the Limelight pull out a velvet rope again?


Angelo’s Pizza Theatre District New York City

I have in the past enjoyed Angelo’s Pizza on 57th Street near Carnegie Hall as you can read here, but I had never been to the Theater District location. This one is next to the Ed Sullivan Theater home of Late Night with David Letterman on Broadway.

My friend works across the street and eats there so often, that for some absurd reason he is tired of the pizza at Angelo’s, but that’s like David Arquette being tired of Courtney Cox, it doesn’t make sense. How could you be tired of something like her, but I guess that is a topic of discussion for another site.


City Pie Pizza Upper West Side Manhattan

After another long day on my trip to New York City, we found ourselves on the Upper West Side of Manhattan again. Since I previously tried New City Pizza the other day, I thought it would be time to try another pizza place I have never been to. We walked past City Pie and it smelled  pretty awesome, so my family and I decided to go in for a slice.

If you have never been to City Pie Pizza City Pie on the upper west side of Manhattan, you are missing a gem of a place. It is an immaculately clean and amazingly bright space, so I do not think we could classify it as a “joint” or a “hole in the wall”, even though it is laid out like a typical New York counter slice place.


New Pizza Town New York City NYC

Walking on the streets of New York City I recently passed New Pizza Town. Since I hadn’t stopped to sample any new places, I took the first opportunity to go inside and try it out. It was a small pizzeria, with 4 tables to accommodate those who can’t wait to eat their slice. After living in Florida so long I appreciated the simple elegance of approaching the counterman, ordering a slice and a coke, paying and walking out, slice in hand in under 3 minutes. Imagine the simplicity.

The pizza was good. Fresh, hot, and delicious, just like it says on the ubiquitous white pizza box. Cannot tell you how many other times I ordered pizza from a place, with the same fresh hot and delicious written on the box, only to realize it was stale, cold, and repugnant. One of these days I hope to have a sit down discussion with the guys who make those boxes, and ask them why they continuously lie.


Vezzo’s Thin Crust Pizza NYC

After appearing on a TV show in NYC about pizza, it was recommended to me that I go across from the studio to try what the producer called his favorite pizza place. Vezzo’s Thin Crust Pizza is located on Lexington Avenue and 31st street. On this off hour that we went there was still a wait. This seemed promising to say the least. After about 10 minutes we were seated and I started to look around at what my closest tables had ordered. They all looked delicious and I couldn’t wait to get my individual pie.


Pronto Pizza, New York City, NY

With hundred’s of pizzeria’s in New York City…these guys at Pronto Pizza, actually serve up a pie that you can realistically call “New York Style” Pizza. I have been going to Pronto Pizza for years as it’s one of my favorite pizza’s in New York. It is exactly what you expect from a New York Slice. Pure Heaven.


Famiglia Pizza New York City

After leaving New Rochelle, we headed back into NYC, which I was happy about. Hadn’t been back home for a while, so I was craving some city pizza. We had several meetings to attend which weren’t really exciting enough to keep me from day dreaming about pizza. As we left our second meeting and started walking towards the third, we passed Famiglia Pizza along the way. At first I didn’t want to go into it since it seemed like the same place I saw earlier in the day somewhere else in the city.  I am not really one to enjoy chains. But when I saw the garlic knots through the window, I decided it was time to stop in and give it a try.


Da Vinci Pizza Water Street New York NYC

da_vinci.jpgdavinci.jpgThis review comes courtesy of our friend Lynn!

Working on Wall St, in NYC isn’t usually the best area to find a good pizza pie. Sometimes ordering from a place that you haven’t tried before is like buying a stock you have done zero research on.  Sure it could be good and end up giving you rewards, but it could also cause your stomach to drop like enron stock.


Joe’s Pizza Carmine Street – Famous Isn’t Always Better

joespizza.jpgAugie from the salted espresso just tried Joe’s Pizza.  Next to Ray’s, Famous Joe’s is probably the most obvious spot to start my New York Slice education. It holds a cult status among New Yorkers in the west village as being the “real deal” without being ostentatious in the process. Unlike some other famous pizzerias (which will go nameless in this post), Joe’s hasn’t become a caricature of itself. Joe’s occupies a small outlet on Carmine street just off of Bleecker. It’s so unassuming that I almost missed it from the street. Inside, the walls are unadorned and there are no big tables. You’ve got to eat your slice standing up or sitting on a high stool.
When I asked for a slice of cheese pizza,  the cashier asked me if I wanted a slice with mozzarella or a just a “cheese” slice. This confused me a bit. Isn’t mozzarella the standard cheese for pizza? When I asked about the difference, he seemed a bit flustered and never really answered my question. He just kept saying the word “fresher” to describe the more expensive slice. My guess: the “fresher” slice, with big, white globs melted all over the top, used a higher quality mozzarella while the other slice-cooked with a shredded, yellower cheese- used a less expensive, more processed mozzarella.

The slice on the left is the one with “fresher” mozzarella
So what did I order? One of each, of course. When in doubt, always order both. As I carried my lunch across the street I wondered which one would be better. The slice with white globs was more aesthetically pleasing,  more comparable to the type of pizza I’ve been trained to make. The neapolitan snob in me had already picked a favorite. But I was surprisingly disappointed. The cheese on the “mozzarella” pie, as I guessed, was fresher and of higher quality. But fresh mozzarella is only as good as its other ingredients, and in this case, it drew attention to the blandness of the  tomato sauce . The sauce had no tang or salty tweak to it. It was flatly sweet from beginning to end. The mozzarella did taste better, but only at the overall expense of the pizza. I then realized why there were countless containers of garlic powder scattered across the countertops.
If the pie with real mozzarella was boring, how would the “other” mozzarella pizza hold up? Surprisingly well! The yellow, processed cheese has a secret weapon that the fresh mozzarella can’t account for: more grease. This slice was greasy- greasy enough that afterwards my paper plate could have been used as a pane for a circular window. Fortunately, grease does more than just give you heart attacks; it tastes delicious while doing so. The grease drew attention away from the mediocre sauce, which is a good thing, I guess.
It feels counter intuitive to say, but in the case of Famous Joe’s, the fancy, more expensive slice with “better” cheese isn’t always the better choice at all.  Joe’s gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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