Pronto Pizza, New York City, NY

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Pronto Pizza, New York City, NY

Posted By: Herb
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With hundred's of pizzeria's in New York City...these guys at Pronto Pizza, actually serve up a pie that you can realistically call "New York Style" Pizza. I have been going to Pronto Pizza for years as it's one of my favorite pizza's in New York. It is exactly what you expect from a New York Slice. Pure Heaven.

The dough is soft, thick, and flavorful and all the while remains super crispy from end to end. The sauce itself is "supreme" as it has all the right herbs and spices. The cheese is plentiful and greasy maybe a little too greasy for me. I think its could be this slices' only downfall. I often find myself myself dabbing their slice with napkins, but other people feel this is the way pizza should be, so what do I know about what is right and wrong! Pizza reviewing is so objective anyways!

As for the staff that works there - they are your typical classic New Yorkers goombahs who often rush you, even yell at you, and if you're not ready to order well then they have no problem skipping right past you to the next patron! Frankly, it's the best pizza in the neighborhood if your in the Times Square / Rockefeller Center area. Also for you pasta lovers their pastas are also piping hot and delicious. And if your still hungry try the garlic knots which are cheap at 2.50 for four of them.

Pronto Pizza gets 7 out of 8 slices

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  • 135 W 41st St # 2, New York, NY 10036-7320