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Costello’s Pizza Jupiter, FL

My wife and I never really eat at the pizza place in our Abacoa neighborhood named Costello’s, to us it’s an after thought but last night we were coming home late and wanted a bite, so we went to eat there and try it out.

We ordered a large plain pizza pie and brought it home got out the plates and each grabbed a slice. On first bite it was thick with a hint of spice, my wife said “there was too much oregano in the sauce”. To me the crust was somewhat dry and the flavor overbearing.

As a fan of pizza, there’s no such thing as a bad slice just some that far exceed others. This slice fell somewhere in the low range of potential favorites. The big question would I go back? Depends, do I feel like driving.

Costello’s Pizza in Jupiter gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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Roger Dean Stadium Pizza Jupiter, FL

I was happy to recently be invited to Roger Dean stadium to watch some minor league baseball.  My friends child was having a birthday party there, and he was kind enough to get a suite for us to enjoy the game. One of the food items they bought was Pizza. After tasting it, it made me think that perhaps I was better off not even noticing it was sitting there.


County Line Pizza Juno Beach, Fl

While visiting a friend in Juno Beach, Florida, my wife and I were advised to visit County Line Pizza. Our friend’s grandmother said the pizza was excellent. We had to place an order to take out because we were on a tight deadline for time. I must have tried calling five times before finally getting through but I finally was able to place my order. When I went in to pick it up, County Line Pizza was very busy which is always a good sign. There were many families there, enjoying their pizza in this cozy little pizza spot. At the register I started up a casual conversation with the woman who handed me my pizza and she asked me where I was from. Once I told her, she turned to me and said, “you don’t have pizza like this in Boca Raton.” I’ll give her this, she was right.


Vinny’s Pizza Jupiter Florida

vinnys_pizza.jpgFor many people, and reading this assumes that you are one of them, pizza is not just food. There is a balance, an art form, a science, and a a lot of skill that can make one of the simplest foods into a delicacy. In the quest to find a place that balances these elements without pretension or self-proclaimed greatness, Vinny’s Pizza in Jupiter, FL stands out in a crowd of so many in the immediate area.