Vinny’s Pizza Jupiter Florida

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Vinny’s Pizza Jupiter Florida

Posted By: Daniel
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vinnys_pizza.jpgFor many people, and reading this assumes that you are one of them, pizza is not just food. There is a balance, an art form, a science, and a a lot of skill that can make one of the simplest foods into a delicacy. In the quest to find a place that balances these elements without pretension or self-proclaimed greatness, Vinny's Pizza in Jupiter, FL stands out in a crowd of so many in the immediate area.

The crew at Vinny's Pizza are "the real deal." It's a neighborhood pizza joint that can do gourmet dishes as well (instead of the opposite). The staff is extremely friendly, even offering their Monday $9.99 large cheese pizza deal when no coupon or mention was presented. Another nice surprise was that, when they said twenty minutes, the wait was just over fifteen. The restaurant is immaculate and everything was well stocked – from napkins to spices and more. It's evident that their customers are very loyal and at least ten of the approximately twenty-five people who came through were welcomed by name.

Clearly, none of that matters if the food isn't up to the challenge and Vinny's Pizza "delivers" with everything you could ask for in your pie of choice. The major stand out is their sauce. It is addictive and requesting a little on the side for dipping is highly recommended. The large plain cheese pizza was cooked perfectly with the right amounts of each ingredient. No sliding from too much sauce, no skimping on cheese, but just enough of everything to make you want to eat one more slice than you know you should. Also recommended is their incredible sliced meatball pizza which will make your own grandmother ask for their recipe.

Don't be fooled by any other pizza place of the same name. It is NOT Vinny's Pizza of Jupiter, FL. Simple, well made, great tasting pizza backed up by a great staff in a neighborhood place. While pizza styles and tastes can be subjective, this is just the kind of pizza joint you might just make you leave your own neighborhood to get your next pie.

Vinny's Pizza gets 7 out of 8 slices

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  • 6671 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL