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Johnny’s Hot Pie Pizza Palm Beach Gardens, FL


A rather brilliant friend of mine who lives to the north told me about a pizza place he wanted me to try with him in Palm Beach Gardens. We both couldn’t figure out the name of the pizzeria, but after some research we figured out it was Johnny’s Hot Pie Pizza on Northlake Blvd, near Military Trail. We agreed on a date and I started the trek up there.

Johnny’s Hot Pie Pizza wasn’t exactly in a place I would think it would be. This plaza seemed more like the place you would find a UPS Store, a tutoring shop, and a psychologist. In its original location, Johnny’s is located right off clematis street in a hipper location with more foot traffic. This sleepy section of the gardens just didn’t seem to be the right choice of spots to open another.


Buongiorno Pizza Palm Beach Gardens, FL

After a client meeting up in Palm Beach Gardens, we tried to find a little hole in the wall pizzeria that the client said was pretty good. Since the client loved the same places in Long Island that I liked, I was quite anxious to get over there to try it. He wasn’t sure of the name, but he gave the location of being west of 95 on Northlake Blvd. The first place we noticed was Buongiorno Pizza & Pasta on the North side of the road so we pulled in.

Once we pulled into the lot, we didn’t get the vibe that Buongiorno was the same Pizza place that our client was describing. This place was more of a restaurant and required a waiter to serve us the pizza we were about to order. I hate that. Seriously, I really do hate this.


Vic & Angelo’s Pizza Palm Beach Gardens on PGA

I’ve been building this one up to a crescendo. Although I was only in Florida for about a few months, I tried to find a local pizza place near me that I could make my homebase. For several weeks now, I’ve frequented the establishment known as Vic & Angelo’s Enoteca (Greek for “wine repository”) in Palm Beach Gardens. The last three weekends I have tried the classic oddities off their otherwise extraordinary menu starting with their tuscan chicken wings (yes, chicken wings), followed by their grass fed double patty hamburger (did I mention this was a fine upscale Italian restaurant?), to their Mott Street artesian pizza (for my bon voyage from not-so-sunny West Palm Beach).

The Mott Street pizza at Vic & Angelo’s in Palm Beach Gardens is nothing short of fantastic. Made with the finest ingredients, Vic & Angelo’s uses a coal fired oven to make their masterpiece pies (all in all about 6 different types). The pizza comes out in minutes, and seems to stay consistently hot throughout the serving process. The garlic bread before the meal was great, and the service is always top notch.


Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta Palm Beach Gardens

giovannis.jpgGiovanni’s Pizza Ristorante is located within the Home Depot shopping center in Palm Beach Gardens.  My wife decided to go into a store in the plaza, that my son and I had zero interest in checking out.  We decided to take a walk around to see what other stores were there.  Low and behold we found a pizza place and took a peek inside.


Vic & Angelos Pizza – New York Water in Palm Beach Gardens

Reviewed by Matt

Vic & Angelos
Had a breakfast meeting in Palm Beach Gardens.  Since I dont get up there much decided to take a detour to Vic & Angelos .  I had never been, and it was in the same shopping center I was in.  How could I resist.   Ordered an original Pizza and WOW.  I haven’t tasted anything like this in south Florida before.  It wasn’t like NY Pizza at all, but it was fantastic.  It was a long oval shaped pie, and cut into rectangles.  Thin Neapolitan style, but rectangular none the less.  Worth all the press it gets.  Coal Oven without tasting like coal.  The crust was delicious and flavorful.  That is something I never taste at other pizzerias.  The sauce tasted fresh and the cheese was nice.  As I write this my mouth is watering to go back.  My party was served very quickly.  Oddly, the waitress put 4 or 5 slices on each plate when she served us.  But I didn’t care, I just wanted more of it.  7 out of 8 slices.  It lost the elusive 8th slice because as the pizza got cold, it wasn’t quite as good.  Incidentally Vic & Angelos claims to bring in their water from New York!