Vic & Angelos Pizza – New York Water in Palm Beach Gardens

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Vic & Angelos Pizza – New York Water in Palm Beach Gardens

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Reviewed by Matt

Had a breakfast meeting in Palm Beach Gardens.  Since I dont get up there much decided to take a detour to Vic & Angelos .  I had never been, and it was in the same shopping center I was in.  How could I resist.   Ordered an original Pizza and WOW.  I haven’t tasted anything like this in south Florida before.  It wasn't like NY Pizza at all, but it was fantastic.  It was a long oval shaped pie, and cut into rectangles.  Thin Neapolitan style, but rectangular none the less.  Worth all the press it gets.  Coal Oven without tasting like coal.  The crust was delicious and flavorful.  That is something I never taste at other pizzerias.  The sauce tasted fresh and the cheese was nice.  As I write this my mouth is watering to go back.  My party was served very quickly.  Oddly, the waitress put 4 or 5 slices on each plate when she served us.  But I didn’t care, I just wanted more of it.  7 out of 8 slices.  It lost the elusive 8th slice because as the pizza got cold, it wasn't quite as good.  Incidentally Vic & Angelos claims to bring in their water from New York!

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