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Grimaldi’s Pizza Under The Bridge in Brooklyn

grimaldis.jpgThis post comes from our friend Kristin at Small Reviews: I’ve been waiting to try Grimaldi’s pizza for about three years, so yesterday, when Roger and I happened to find ourselves in Dumbo for a gallery opening, we decided to finally try it. After waiting on line outside for about 40 minutes, we finally entered the building, which is decorated with a lot of Frank Sinatra pictures and red-checkered tablecloths. It was crowded and we sat between two other couples, which was fine. We ordered two cokes and a pizza.


Best Pizza in Boca Raton

We are always in search of the Best Pizza in Boca Raton, Florida.  To date, we have reviewed places around the area 55 times.  If you have a favorite place that you want us to review, please send an email to  Soon we will be putting out our list of Best Pizza places in each area.  Keep checking back.

If you are a pizza place that was to debate your bad review, we are happy to explain to you why you sucked, and ways to help make it better as well.  You can email us at too.

Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn – BEST PIZZA

This could be the best pizza I have ever tasted.  I know this is a bold statement to make since I try to always stay tough, and make sure never to give a perfect rating to a place that is lacking, even the smallest of areas, but L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, is pure perfection. Their website is kind of ugly, but since I cannot take that into the rating, we will only focus on this incredibly amazing Upside Down Sicilian Pizza.

As my readers are probably aware of by now, since I have stated it time and time again, I love Upside Down Sicilian.  Spumoni Gardens was always a place people would talk of when I was growing up, but I never ventured into this area of Brooklyn to try it before.  It seemed like my life was missing something until I tried this pizza.  It was so good it is hard to even describe it properly.  The sauce – Perfect and Sweet.  The Cheese – Extraordinary.  The Crust – Beyond Belief.

All I can really say to everyone is:  Just go try it for yourself to see how incredible this pizza tastes.  Spumoni Gardens has a pizza side which has a walk up window (be prepared for a line), and it has a restaurant side.  In between the two, they sell Spumoni (what a shocker).  At Spumoni Gardens you can order a sheet pie which contains 24 slices, so you can take some home and continue to enjoy this work of pizza art.

Needless to say, I am giving Spumoni Gardens 8 out of 8 slices, and thank them for their remarkable care and quality.  It is not easy to obtain a perfect rating from the experts, but this place easily deserves it.

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