No, Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn Isn’t Closed For Good

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No, Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn Isn’t Closed For Good

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picture-021We have been getting dozens of emails asking us if we know what happened to Di Fara Pizza in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  It appears that the place has been closed recently, and our readers are concerned it might be closed down for good.

We just heard from our friends that live nearby, that the owner Dom and his daughter Maggie were involved in an automobile accident earlier this week.  The accident was cause by ice on the road (black ice).  Unfortunately Dom broke his knee cap and will have to have surgery soon.  It could take over a month worth of rehabilitation before he is back to normal.  It does appear that Dom will come back to work during rehabilitation to serve his loyal patrons.  This guy is a class act in the  pizza world!

For those of you who do not know Di Fara in Brooklyn....WAKE UP!  Di Fara is consistently ranked as one of the best pizza places in America, and certainly New York as well.  It is located on 1424 Avenue J in Brooklyn.   718-258-1367 This is one of the pizza places to put on your pizza bucket list.

Remember cash only at Di Fara Pizza.

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