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The Onion Pizza Austin Texas

This review comes to us courtesy of Thanks Brandon for sending it in, and we look forward to seeing more of your reviews here.

So let’s get to work. I didn’t know what to expect from the onion as I have only been in Austin for 4 days. I hope I lose no credit in the hood as pizza is pizza. As I walked up to the place I am trying to take it all in. I can’t stop thinking about the onion magazine. Are they fans of the magazine? Do they just love the taste of onions? Trying to remember anything and everything since I was not planning on starting today. As we walked in we were greeted as if I was walking to my best friend’s house for a party. You are quick to notice it’s a two man show and they aren’t trying to be the prettiest or fanciest place in town. They are two guys making an honest pizza.

Now I am not one for slices unless its 2am and drunk to the point where everything sounds like a great idea. So we skipped the slices that looked good and waited it out for a whole pie. While waiting for our pie, I couldn’t help but notice the people coming in and out and how the guys treated everyone. They had a pretty busy lunch with the local workers coming in for a quick slice to go. I noticed they never ran out of pizza and no slice sat to long, again 2 guys answering phones, taking orders, greeting people, getting slices, making more pizzas and hey even delivering. It was pretty great to see.


Four Seasons Hotel Austin Pizza – Worst Pizza

Four Season Hotel Austin PizzaThe Four Seasons has one more award they can add to their trophy rack.  One of the most expensive crappy pizzas I have tasted.  At a price of only $16 for this individual pie, should I expect it to taste good?  The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin is located on 98 San Jacinto Boulevard Austin, TX 78701-4039
(512) 478-4500

Let’s start off with the cheese.  As you can see by the photo, the cheese wasn’t even cooked!  Any chef of quality, especially at such a fine hotel chain like The Four Seasons, should have never sent this pizza out in this condition.

The dough, seemed like it was premade and just waiting for the sauce and cheese to go on.  It was undercooked as well and lacked any type of taste.

The sauce offered little much in relief to the other crappy ingredients used.  Half of the sauce was removed by me and left in a crumpled up napkin.  And to think, after the $4.00 mini soda bottle I had with this pizza, I was $20.00 poorer, and with a terrible taste in my mouth, from the food, and that such an upscale establishment would serve me this sh*t!

Do yourselves a favor, and if you are at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas, make sure to avoid this pizza.  In my opinion it is not worth $5.00, let alone $20.00.  Such a rip off!

The Four Season in Austn gets 1 out of 8 slices for their ridiculously expensive, sh*t pizza!

When in Austin try to stick with Death Metal Pizza:

Hoeks Death Metal Pizza Austin

Hoeks Death Metal PizzaDeath Metal Pizza!  That is exactly what this place was named.  For a kid who grew up on thrash metal, this place was almost too good to be true!  It was dark, dreary, and playing ridiculously loud death metal.  So loud it almost made it impossible to stay and eat.  You wanted to just take your food and leave….That is if you didn’t love death metal, like me.


Roppolo’s Pizzeria – Austin Texas

Roppolo’s Pizzeria

Back on March 8th I was attending and heading to one of the after parties when I had the craving for a slice of pizza. This was my first time in Austin, Texas and like all places I visit I grabbed a slice from the first place someone recommend to me which was Roppolo’s Pizzeria located here. I wasn’t even able to finish which in my personal opinion was a rancid slice of pizza. It was extremely doughy and I have had frozen pizza which tasted better.