The Onion Pizza Austin Texas

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The Onion Pizza Austin Texas

Posted By: Brandon
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So let’s get to work. I didn’t know what to expect from the onion as I have only been in Austin for 4 days. I hope I lose no credit in the hood as pizza is pizza. As I walked up to the place I am trying to take it all in. I can’t stop thinking about the onion magazine. Are they fans of the magazine? Do they just love the taste of onions? Trying to remember anything and everything since I was not planning on starting today. As we walked in we were greeted as if I was walking to my best friend’s house for a party. You are quick to notice it’s a two man show and they aren’t trying to be the prettiest or fanciest place in town. They are two guys making an honest pizza.

Now I am not one for slices unless its 2am and drunk to the point where everything sounds like a great idea. So we skipped the slices that looked good and waited it out for a whole pie. While waiting for our pie, I couldn’t help but notice the people coming in and out and how the guys treated everyone. They had a pretty busy lunch with the local workers coming in for a quick slice to go. I noticed they never ran out of pizza and no slice sat to long, again 2 guys answering phones, taking orders, greeting people, getting slices, making more pizzas and hey even delivering. It was pretty great to see.

So after about 10 mins our pizza comes, I can’t wait to try some Austin pizza and get to work on things. First thing I notice the pizza looks great. Something we like to call just a good honest pizza. The pizza smelled great, and looked good. Now I don’t like to eat pizza super fucking hot out of the oven so I had to wait for the lava to cool off. Once a little cooler, I dove right in. Mozzarella with a hint of cheddar and some pepperoni, an honest mans pizza, a pizza that if you can’t do that right, then there is no hope for you. I was pleasantly surprised when I ate the first slice. Not that it was anything amazing or new, but when I go into a place my expectations are in the gutter. I have no hope anyone can make a good pizza anymore, so if it is a step above Gatti ‘s pizza I can deal with it. I try not to have any high hopes on any pizza. I am not into spicy sauce (reminds me of pizza hut) but it’s not the worst thing I have had in my mouth. The cheese was pretty good, the pepperonis were very good also, but I feel like the whole thing was to just mask the dull cardboard flavor of the crust and dough. I think good pizza should flow. I think the crust should taste good, which makes the sauce taste good, which makes the cheese taste good. Again at 2 am when I am drunk and want pizza, that’s the place I will go, but it was noon and I was not hung over so it was just a good pizza. Not great, not amazing but I think that’s why they call it “The best pizza you’ll never remember” cause it is not out to break records or wow people. It’s a good pie when you’re drunk or hung over and that’s about it.

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The Onion

Located on 408 Brazos Street, just two blocks off the ever trendy 6th Street experience in downtown Austin. Just tucked away in between a bank and a bar, and not a ton of signage it’s real easy to drive right past The Onion. Its slogan is “The best pizza you’ll never remember”, which at first catches you, but if you have ever been on 6th Street past midnight you would understand. When you first walk in the place you are greeted by two guys that look like they just love life making pizzas and hanging out. Huge slices sit in the deli case for the quick lunch fix or you can wait a little and get a full pie. The slices look great with a mozzarella and cheddar blend of cheese and all the toppings you could think of. They keep the menu simple and clean, pizza, pizza rolls, calzones and salads.

The Onion gets 3 out of 8 slices in my opinion.

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  • 408 Brazos St Austin, TX 78701