Albert’s Pizza Ronkonkoma Long Island New York Best Pizza

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Albert’s Pizza Ronkonkoma Long Island New York Best Pizza

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If you have not tried Albert's Pizza in Ronkonkoma, New York, located out east in Long Island, you are missing what could be the best pizza I have eaten in Long Island.  While at the Boomers party the other day, my sister introduced me to this guy named Rich.  Rich owns Albert's Pizza in Ronkonkoma and we started talking about

Immediately upon speaking to Rich, I could tell this guy knew his pizza.  Even though I like to think of myself as the Pizza Expert, Rich could be a close second!

After a while of speaking with Rich, he asked me what places I thought were good.  I told him I was going to Colosseo in Port Jefferson after the party, but further explained that my favorite pizza is Upside Down Sicilian.  Albert's pizza happens to specialize in Upside Down Sicilian, and he insisted that I try his pizza.  Let's just discuss for a second what Rich offered to do for me.  The party was on a Sunday, and Rich was at the event alone with his 4 children.  Yet Rich was willing to go to his store and bake me a fresh Upside Down Sicilian pizza just to prove his was the best.  This is the type of cocky attitude that makes me have to accept the challenge.  So we headed off to Albert's Pizza in Ronkonkoma and found Rich anxiously waiting for us to arrive.  Immediately upon entering the pizza place I could smell the quality.  It was one of the most delicious and appetizing smells I have had walking into a pizza joint recently.

When Rich placed the upside down Sicilian pie on my table, my mouth started to water and I felt like showering in it.  I picked up my first slice (I could have easily devoured the entire pie) and took a bite into what could only be described as perfection.  If I closed my eyes while biting into this pizza, I could imagine I was in heaven and surrounded by pizza g-ds.  Everything was just delicious, the cheese, the sauce, the dough....just everything.  Perhaps I should no longer talk to my parents for raising me so far away from this pizza place, and having to discover it all these years later.

Whatever mixture of cheese Albert's Pizza uses on this pizza is absolutely amazing.  I am guessing some Romano in the mix, but it could really be anything.  The crust was crispy, and airy, and the cheese just melts in your mouth.  They do not use anything close to cheap ingredients here, and it is evident Albert's pizza orders and uses the most expensive, high quality stuff money could buy.  Rich, do not think the TLC you put into your pizza goes un-noticed.  You deserve to be cocky about your pizza, and you deserve to claim that it is the best.  It honestly is one of the best slices I have had in Long Island, or all New York for that matter.  I am giving Albert's Pizza in Ronkonkoma 8 out of 8 slices.  That is right you read this correctly....OUR FIRST 8 OUT OF 8!  Congrats Albert's you deserve it.  I cannot wait to enjoy your pizza again.  To all my readers, Albert's ships pizza, so if you want to take a try of it call 631-467-4674.  One other thing to note:  Alberts charges $10.50 for what could be the most amazing pizza in Long Island, New York (you know the place known for pizza).  That is almost $4.00 less then what a place like Cucina Mio charges for Florida Pizza, and not half as good.  Who says the cost of living in New York is high!

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  • 601 Portion Rd # 9, Ronkonkoma, NY