Cucina Rosano Delray Beach Florida – Cannot afford my slice of the pie!

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Cucina Rosano Delray Beach Florida – Cannot afford my slice of the pie!

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I happen to be a regular at Cucina Rosano in both their Delray Beach and Boca Raton locations, or I guess I should better state, I used to be a regular at Cucina Rosano. The reasoning behind my above statement is simple....I AM JUST NOT RICH ENOUGH! I recently learned that the price of pizza coincides with the price of gold or oil I guess.

My son and I went there the other night cause he was in the mood for pizza with meatballs on it, and he happens to love this place. I must admit, I happen to think the quality of the pizza here is great as well. Cannot remember a time I had a bad slice from a pie here, and the meatballs are extremely tasty. Seems odd that I would find this pizza so delicious but yet have such hostility towards the establishment, and it all comes down to one thing...PRICE! The regular pie here (not very big like I said earlier) is $14.95 without a topping! That is right you heard me $14.95! I could go down the block to Nino's Pizza in Boca Raton and get the same size pie with equally good taste for $12.00, or Dominic's I in Boca Raton for $12.50. It is hard to enjoy a pizza that is so expensive, and unfortunately I will not be going back to Cucina Rosano until they readjust their pricing so that an average guy could afford a slice of their pizza. Like I said, their ingredients are top notch and they seem to take pride in what they are baking, but what good is all that if people cannot afford to enjoy it! Make you a deal Cucina Rosano...if I win the lottery, I will come back and eat there again regularly...Deal? I will give Cucina Rosano of Delray Beach 4 out of 8 slices, simply because of their pricing.

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