Oasis by the Sea Pizza Hollywood Boardwalk

5 / 8


While enjoying a visit from my parents for the first time in many years, we ended up on the Hollywood Boardwalk in Hollywood, FL. For those that aren’t familiar with where Hollywood is, it is just south of Fort Lauderdale. This area is inundated with French Canadian male snowbirds who love to wear tight bathing suits and show off their bellies. If you think I am being mean, just go down there yourself and you will immediately find I am being kind in that description.

After walking up and down for a while on a beautiful day, I got hungry and of course asked if they wanted some pizza. Never the type of parents to disappoint, they happily agreed and we started looking for the right pizza place on the Hollywood Boardwalk. As we passed by one place in particular called Oasis by the Sea, we were hard pressed by a rather large lady who told us it is the best pizza on the boardwalk and one of the only places that doesn’t freeze their dough. I asked if she would guarantee me it was the best and she said it easily was the best. Never one to not accept a pizza challenge, we headed into Oasis by the Sea.

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