Meatball Room Boca Raton, FL

6 / 8


Since every place before it seemed to fail in the Regency Plaza in Boca Raton, a new group of owners decided to drop a ton of money and redo a restaurant that didn’t really need redoing and open a new Italian Restaurant called the Meatball Room. I had seen the coming soon sign for a while, but wasn’t sure they were opened until I saw my friend Jeff from posted about the restaurant and said I would love it. Since I trust his opinion, I decided to go try it out on opening night.

The Meatball Room was PACKED on opening night. Thankfully I made reservations before just heading over, or there probably wouldn’t be a spot for me until they closed. As I approached the hostess stand to give my name, I heard the regular Boca Raton snob remarks like “I live in Woodfield and you HAVE to seat me”, as well as “You won’t stay in business long if you don’t seat the locals first”. Such a nice sense of entitlement around this area.

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