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Two Tomatoes Pizza Boynton Beach

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Some readers who claim to know pizza since they were from Brooklyn wrote me about a place they tried and enjoyed in Boynton Beach, Florida called Two Tomatoes Pizza. Important point to note before we continue... just because you are from Brooklyn doesn't mean you know anything more about Pizza than others. You are fortunate enough to have some of the best around you but there are also hundreds of just average places that many of you frequent as well. Stop with the "I'm from New York, I know pizza" routine with a fake thick accent.

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So we made the ride up to a more western part of Boynton Beach and figured we would try out Two Tomatoes Pizza on their recommendation. Upon entering the pizzeria, it didn't have much ambiance, not too big and had some pizzas on display. We got the lunch special and then I got a Sicilian slice on top of it and some garlic knots, since it is almost impossible to get good garlic knots in Florida. Most places serve garlic rolls and pass them off as knots on the menu. Definitely not the same thing.

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One other thing that ticks me off is when I read the descriptions that owners leave on review sites. Here is the version that the owner of Two Tomatoes Pizza left on Yelp. I mean, to make a claim like this, a claim that says the best in all of Florida is preposterous. Yes, people are flocking from all over the country to Boynton Beach, Florida to try the best pizza in the state. There should be lines up to Wellington if this was the case. I do not think I dealt with the owner but the staff I did deal with were actually EXTREMELY lovely.

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As far as the pizza goes, which I know is the reason you are reading this, my first bite was of the regular slice. It was thin, a bit soggy and had a nice amount of cheese on the pie. The sauce was a bit bland, and the crust didn't contain a taste that was either good or bad, it was average. This wasn't a slice I would avoid, but I didn't crave ordering more of it either.

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The Sicilian slice was certainly not as good as the regular slice in my opinion. Although it might have been fresh, it appeared to be a par-baked shell that they just applied cheese and sauce to, in order to save money. This might not have been the case, but I didn't see the process. Unlike the regular slice, the Sicilian slice at Two Tomatoes in Boynton Beach was quite crispy. The issue was the center was also too crispy and not fluffy or soft in any way. that might be what led me to believe it was stale in some sense.


If and when I return to Two Tomatoes, I will opt for the regular slice and not the Sicilian unless I see it baked fresh out of the oven and made from scratch. The regular slice is definitely worth another try and maybe I will get a more crispy slice and feel completely different about it. Several of my other friends who have since gone after I went seem to really enjoy the slices they have eaten and have started to eat more there.

Two Tomatoes Pizza in Boynton Beach, FL gets 5 out of 8 slices in my opinion for their regular slice. Not rating the Sicilian right now since I am not looking to hurt anyone's business and I will wait to see if I can taste it again.

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