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Vince’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria Pizza Renton, WA

I’ve had awfully “good luck” ordering from in Portland, one of those restaurant home delivery marketing companies. Delivered Dish signs up restaurants, supplies backend ordering/menu software, and arranges delivery of restaurant menu items direct to your house for a small fee. They aren’t the only ones or the creators of the concept, but they do a pretty good job at it as far as I am concerned.

Most large cities have a similar service, and on a business trip to suburban Seattle recently, I checked out their version, 2 Go Services. I don’t know if there is any relationship between the Portland and Seattle outfits, but they do use the same “backend” and your sign-on will work with either service.

In Seattle, we tried our luck with Vince’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria Pizza Renton, WA, a 50 year-old Italian restaurant and pizzeria.


Bortolami’s Pizzeria! Vancouver, WA

We came to learn about Bortolami’s Pizzeria from a fellow peron on Yelp. Never been to Bortolami’s Pizza before, but since we were driving through the Vancouver, WA area, I decided to give it a shot since I had a car load of people who were hungry. My passengers had varying concerns when it came to the pizza (gluten free, vegetarian, and me – garbage-atarian) (I eat anything), and luckily enough the menu offered something for everyone.

Do not expect to get a bargain at Bortolami’s Pizzeria, as the three small pies and a Greek salad put me back $61, which was a little pricey, I thought.

Bortolami’s Pizzeria is an unassuming place in a small strip mall in Vancouver, WA; the decor is “neo-bicycle”, with bikes, accessories, and racing shirts hung from the walls and ceiling. A flat screen plays sports channels. I cannot say whether or not the motif adds to “ambiance,” so let’s just call it a theme, that carries through to the menu, with specialty pies having bike-oriented names.

The crust is Boboli-like. Puffy, with a crusty bottom, chewy and doughy. It’s a quality crust, if your preference leans towards this type of thickness.


Sahara Pizza Cle Elum Washington

I kind of like pulling into a strange town, middle of nowhere, that I have no idea what the town name means, or how it is even pronounced. Cle Elum is a non-stoplight town (as the mayor proclaims in his ‘welcome’ section of the free newspaper) and was built as a logging town, later coal mining, and was a stop on the westward roll of the Northern Pacific Railway. The town was pretty much wiped out from a fire in 1918, which destroyed 29 square blocks of buildings. Only one building remains from that era.