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Giuseppe’s Pizza Sebastian, FL

While visiting some family in the Vero Beach / Sebastian area of Florida, I asked my nephew where we could grab some of the best pizza in the area. Unfortunately, due to the area he was raised in (dirt roads) he looked at me in a like “you gotta be kidding”, “of course it is Papa John’s” kind of way. For some reason, I knew I would have to embark on this pizza decision making journey alone and asked my wife to join me, and hoped for the best. I started to head east from where they live, since I am not sure you could get any more west, and told myself I would stop at the first pizza place I saw, and hadn’t tried. I noticed that Bizarro’s Pizza changed names to I think Danny’s Pizza, but didn’t care for it or its location next to the gas station. TJ’s Pizza never did much for me either. Just a bit past these two locations, I noticed Giuseppe’s Pizza. That is where we pulled in to have some pizza in Sebastian.

Giuseppe’s Pizza was pretty busy during this off hour. This was a good sign, that the locals choose to come here, (since I am not really sure others just randomly travel through the area) and even a better sign that it had been in business so long. Our server was extremely pleasant and we ordered a large pie. We spoke with some of the locals who assured us that this was probably the best pizza in Sebastian, FL. Bizarro’s was known to be good, but the family told me that once you leave their Melbourne Beach location, it tastes nothing like it should, and that this Sebastian location of theirs was not good.