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Maccheroni Pizza Sevilla Spain

macceroni.jpgmacceronipizza.jpgAfter leaving Madrid, Mrs. Pizza and I took an excursion to Sevilla (Seville) to check out some of the sites.  This was simply a disguise in order for me to be able to try some pizza around the county!

Maccheroni Pizzeria was a place we passed by while walking through the city.  It looked inviting enough and we decided to step inside.  Unlike our previous pizza experiences in Spain, this one was based on starvation and necessity.  We actually decided naturally to visit this place and enjoy a hot cooked meal. Maccheroni was a nice break from the unfamiliar foods we had seen on many menus we checked out.  Their menu had a plethora of different pizza selections.  Pastas were also in abundance.