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Lebanese Pizza Barbur World Foods Portland, Oregon














One of our neighborhood grocery stores, Barbur World Foods, features a wide variety of imported groceries, and an over-the-top deli counter where you can buy the requisite sliced meat, cheese, as well as a number of freshly made hot and cold dishes lately.

They also have made-to-order brick oven pizzas, including some specialty Lebanese style ones.

Mrs. BurgerDogBoy and I were out for an early evening stroll last nite, and decided to have a ‘romantic’ parking lot dinner at Barbur. She picked out a number of exotic dishes like beef stuffed zucchini, and I went with one of the Lebanese pizzas, Zahm B’Ajeen, a pie covered with a tomato and onion ground beef mixture.

The pie maker quickly created and ovened the pie, and it was ready in less than ten minutes. At $3.95, this has got to be one of the best pizza bargains in Portland.


Villa Pizza Portland

Waiting at the local mall the other day, actually waiting to have lunch with a client nearby, was feeling a might peckish and decided to have a pre-lunch slice. The food court option was Villa Pizza, an outlet of the nationwide brand chain, Villa Enterprises.

The origin of the pizza stems from a single outlet in NYC’s Times Square, and now they have over 200 locations in malls and airports across the country.


Old Town Pizza Portland, Or

Most people I speak to around Portland rave about Old Town Pizza. A simple look at the front page of their website reveals: “Something to Experience before You Die”; “Visited by the Tonight Show and Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels“.

So what are my thoughts about Old Town Pizza in Portland? It’s a really nice building and space. Oh, and it’s a really nice building and space.

I went with their normal crust, which is kind of “Boboli-like” in nature; they now offer a “new thin crust” but it only comes in a smaller version. (what?).


Give Pizza a Chance Portland, OR

Mrs. BurgerDogBoy has been suggesting I get to “Give Pizza A Chance“ since she read about it in Portland Monthly. Funny, I hadn’t tried it, I hit that food pod quite a bit. In the pic of the stand, you can see “Swamp Shack” next to it, some great Creole food, and next to that, “Tabor“, who makes an excellent schnitzelwich!

On to the pizza. I ambled by shortly before noon, and perused the pies on offer, the big rack has a stack of ‘em, with little handmade signs describing their toppings.

I went with a slice of their all meat pie, pepperoni, sausage, C-bacon. It’s a thin crust effort (tho they have deep dish as well), and they boast about their organic flour and locally sourced meats. A little sign out front says the pepperoni is now from Otto’s. Nice.


Nostrana Pizza Portland, OR

Some local friends invited us to Nostrana, the locavore-oriented Italian place on SE Morrison. It’s always been a hang-out of theirs since the early days of couple-dom (2nd anniversary coming up Jan 1, if you want to send gifts), and I quickly saw why it’s special to them.

With a menu that changes nearly nightly, Nostrana is one of those places which has taken local ingredients to ethnic dish variations, with a vengence, resulting in a wide variety of interesting offerings.


Cara Amico Pizza Portland, OR

Rang up (ok, logged on) to Delivered Dish tonight for a change of pace. We use them quite often. Never really had a bad experience with them. They’ve always showed up on time, and the delivery people are pretty courteous. Delivery fees are apparently set by the individual restaurants and can range for a couple dollars to ten. There is usually a minimum $ amount food order as well. Tonight’s occasion was that Mrs. BurgerDogBoy is out making the bacon, as she has been known to do, so that means it’s burger or pizza night (or both) for me!

I’ve never been into Cara Amico, even tho it’s older than dirt, as far as Portland restaurants go (1949). That’s even older than BurgerDogBoy!


Eat Pizza Goose Hollow Portland, OR

Had a coupon for a free personal-sized pizza; the proprietor gives these out as business cards, cheap publicity. Only other guy I ever saw that did that was Ron Zapp, the late owner of Zapp’s & Dirty’s Potato Chip brands out of Louisiana. His business card was a coupon for a free bag of chips. I had lots of Ron’s business cards!

So I am walking past Eat Pizza today, and naturally I don’t have the coupon with me. Sure, I had it last Thursday for some reason, but not today. (sigh).


A Slice of New York Pizza – Portland, OR

Man, I hate it when there is something new and I’ve missed it. Especially if it is “8 months new!” Apparently, when I wasn’t looking, a new pizzeria opened inside one of my neighborhood grocery stores, the Thriftway in SW Portland.

Called “A Slice of New York,” that’s exactly what they offer, whole pies, slices, NY style subs, calzones and the like.

I had wandered in to Thriftway to get some bagels for Sunday morning, not one of my usual stops, but Noah’s had exactly 3,255,123 people in line. (Ok, Noah’s is not one of my usual stops, either).


Pizzicato Pizza Portland Oregon

I often wonder what a food entrepreneur is thinking when he/she puts the word “Gourmet” in their name? What does it mean to most people, anyway? According to the Wikidictionary, “gourmet” means “fine”, which is pretty far afield from its etymological root. The dictionary goes on to say “Gourmet has become somewhat debased by marketing usage, and is considered by some a pretentious middlebrow term. Such users tend to prefer terms such as artisanal (emphasizing the craft) for fine food.” That latter explanation makes more sense these days, I would guess.

In any case, the local chain “Pizzicato” is fond of the word ‘gourmet’, and in their case, I suspect they believe it refers to both the ‘artisanal’ making and the ingredients used. They tout their crust as one special aspect, buying flour only from the Pendleton Flour Mill in Eastern Oregon. Mrs. BDB was in a mood to order in last night, and usually pizza is not on her ordering radar, any more than burgers are, but I suspect her choice was motivated at least partially because it’s my birthday this week, and she likes to make me especially happy during the anniversary of my entry into humankind. (Mostly because she believes when I was born, pizza hadn’t been invented yet).


Rocco’s Pizza Portland Oregon

I walk by Rocco’s a hundred times a week. It’s across Burnside from Powell’s, and semi-attached to late nite haunt, Rocco’s Bar. I’ve never been in the pizza place, but was walking by today at the appropriate hour, and decided to try a slice. I glanced at the menu board, which was really no help, and the ever so (not) polite counterman pointed me at a blackboard, with today’s slices. OK.

I ordered a slice of “Texas” something, basically a three meat pie, and a small coke. $6.50. Did I hear you right? $5.00 for a slice of pizza and $1.50 for a 12 oz fountain coke?