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Villa Pizza Portland

Posted By: BurgerDogBoy
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Waiting at the local mall the other day, actually waiting to have lunch with a client nearby, was feeling a might peckish and decided to have a pre-lunch slice. The food court option was Villa Pizza, an outlet of the nationwide brand chain, Villa Enterprises.

The origin of the pizza stems from a single outlet in NYC’s Times Square, and now they have over 200 locations in malls and airports across the country.

It was $3.50 for a good-sized slice of “New York style” pepperoni, and I liked it. Thin crust, capable of a good roll if you wanted to eat it “New York style”, with a crispy edge and chewy middle. The sauce has a bit of heat to it, and the pepperoni is low in fat, enough to prevent cupping or charring.

I’d hit it up again. Menu is online. Compared to the soon to be bankrupt Sbarro's, I would much prefer hitting up a Villa Pizza if given the choice. The pizza just seems to have a little more attention to detail, and better quality ingredients.

Villa Pizza in Portland gets 5 out of 8 slices. You can follow me on Twitter @burgerdogboy


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