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El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza Hallandale Beach, FL


Recently, while attending the Boca Raton Wine and Food Festival, I had the pleasure of tasting some of the samplings that El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza was offering. The food tasted delicious, but the manager Mike’s attitude made the food taste even better. After speaking to him for a while, it became obvious that he puts his heart and soul into the food they create. I couldn’t help but notice him in a dance competition later on in the night, this is a guy who knows how to market, and knows how to make people want to come try his restaurant.

El Tamarindo has a few locations now in South Florida. There is one in Deerfield Beach now as well. They took over the spot that used to be Ruby’s Pizza on 10th street. My wife and I happened to be in Hallandale Beach and we decided to try El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza. I want to thank my friend Staci G for trying to get me to eat at El Tamarindo for years. She always said it was one of her favorites, and I was hopeful it would become one of mine too.


American Pie Pizza Hallandale, FL Gulfstream Park

A lot of hype was generated when the Gulfstream Racetrack remodeled itself and added outdoor shopping and gambling inside. Although it took us a while, my family and I finally found time to go and see if it was a fun place to put in our rotation on boring weekends.

Whoever did the redesign did a great job on the outside village area There are many outdoor shops and restaurants including Brio and Yard House. Needless to say if you are hungry you can easily find a place everyone agrees upon. Since I noticed a place called America Pie Pizzeria, we chose to get pizza. I have noticed since I have eaten there that they changed their name to American Pie Brick Oven Pizza now, probably to hop on the brick oven craze.


John’s Hero King Hallandale Beach

Whoa move over Captain and Tennille.  I haven’t had a Sicilian crust like this since they stopped slinging pies at great Roma Pizza 31st and Broadway which closed 20 years ago.

Now John’s is not a Pizzeria but an Italian Hero Shop transplanted from Stillwell Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. John’s has only been open 4 months they just recently started serving Pizza.  They must import the dough along with the bread they ship daily.

Who cares if the pie was old and didn’t have enough sauce or cheese, the moisture and taste of the dough along with the bottom of the pie slightly burnt and crisp from the oil in the pan sent me to heaven….

The owner is still playing with the pie and is open to suggestions but you have got to try this!

John’s Hero King Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices


El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza Hallandale, FL

Not to be mistaken for El Tamarindo on State Road 84. This El Tamarindo has the same owners but no oven in Fort Lauderdale.

On this occasion I had the Broccoli Rabe special pie which has sauteed Rabe Garlic and uncased sausage. I have to admit I am partial to the Broccoli Rabe here and have to profess I have ordered it over Linguine.

This pie takes a little time because they have to saute the topping. While waiting, the waiter brings you their homemade bread and garlic laced chimi churi sauce.

No way around it, this is an oily pie!!! You cannot really help it with the sauteed broccoli on top! The first slice holds up to the overload of ingredients put on top, but you still have to eat it with 2 hands. One hand to pull the large chunks of broccoli from your teeth alone! After that the oil gets to the pie and you need a knife and fork but only for the first bite.

The pie itself is thin crusted done to perfection, slightly blackened but not burnt. The sauteed ingredients mix well with the El Grande cheese and Alta Cucina Plum tomatoes.

A side note if ordering regular pies here the sauce is wonderful but very thick and plopped on sparingly. If you want a lot of sauce order your pie with extra sauce.

El Tamarindo gets 7 out of 8 slices