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Slices Drive Thru Pizza Ft. Pierce, FL

For the past few years we have been a part of pro wrestling events that take place in Ft. Pierce, Florida to raise awareness for youth crime prevention. Every single time we are in the area, we drive past a drive-thru pizzeria called Slices. This time I finally got the urge to check it out.

Being that we were a little early I decided to see if we could eat inside as opposed to ordering pizza through the drive-thru window. I parked the car and had to search to find the front door, which happened to be around back. Although this place appeared to be a hole in the wall, it was actually quite large inside, however, there was only a counter with space for a few to eat. They had so much empty space in the kitchen that it appeared odd to me. After convincing some friends to stay and eat there, we ordered some garlic rolls, a pizza and some ziti. We had some time and figured we would be out of there in ten minutes.