Slices Drive Thru Pizza Ft. Pierce, FL

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Slices Drive Thru Pizza Ft. Pierce, FL

Posted By: Andy Vitale
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For the past few years we have been a part of pro wrestling events that take place in Ft. Pierce, Florida to raise awareness for youth crime prevention. Every single time we are in the area, we drive past a drive-thru pizzeria called Slices. This time I finally got the urge to check it out.

Being that we were a little early I decided to see if we could eat inside as opposed to ordering pizza through the drive-thru window. I parked the car and had to search to find the front door, which happened to be around back. Although this place appeared to be a hole in the wall, it was actually quite large inside, however, there was only a counter with space for a few to eat. They had so much empty space in the kitchen that it appeared odd to me. After convincing some friends to stay and eat there, we ordered some garlic rolls, a pizza and some ziti. We had some time and figured we would be out of there in ten minutes.

The garlic rolls came out first and were deliciously fresh and loaded with garlic, butter and parmesan cheese. We devoured these and were eagerly awaiting the rest of our meal. We watched the pizza getting made and placed into the oven. After about 15 minutes we explained that we had to leave shortly. We were told the pizza would be ready any minute but the ziti would need more time to bake. We were about to cancel the ziti when the owner said he could have it ready in five minutes. Apparently he meant, he could microwave it as we watched him take the ziti out of the oven and place it into the microwave. After a half hour we left with our pizza to go and a tray of baked, well, microwaved ziti.

Since this is, the outcome of the ziti is unimportant, and honestly I don't know how it was because I didn't try it. Unfortunately, I did try the pizza. The pizza didn't have much flavor to it. The cheese was very bland. I noticed they added some parmesan cheese on top of the pizza, maybe as an attempt to add some flavor. The sauce was not good at all. It was pasty and very sweet. It was almost like the sauce you get with a BBQ Chicken Pizza. The crust was way undercooked and very much like a generic pizza you would find in Target or someplace similar. We had two slices topped with ground beef and onions and the beef just didn't even look the least bit appetizing. Just looking at it made me think of the old joke my grandfather would tell me about this meal being fit for a king and then jokingly whistling and calling over a fictitious dog named King. Amazingly with the crust as undercoked as it was, the beef was dried out and crispy.

I would sum up my experience at Slices by saying I took one for the team. Someone once told me that there is no such thing as bad pizza. Obviously they have never eaten here. I'm going to take the plural out of their name and give them 1 slice and that is really because the garlic rolls are making me feel generous.

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