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Tennessy Willems Wood Oven Pizza Ottawa Canada

Well my job brought me up to Canada this time, Ottawa specifically. Such a nice looking city with friendly inhabitants. I do not think I will judge entire countrymen based upon the South Park guys anymore. After working a full day I got kind of hungry and heard about this wood oven pizza place named Tennessy Willems on Wellington Street. So I took a ride to see if it was any good. Since Pizza Expert doesn’t have much in the way of Canadian Pizza Reviews, I thought it would only be right to send one in.

Tennessy Willems Pizza was nice inside and if I had to guess I would say the restaurant  holds 26-30 people, so it isn’t a place you can just walk right into if they are busy. It was sort of noisy inside, but that doesn’t seem to bother me very much. I zone in on the pizza and forget anyone else is there anyways. So I grabbed a chair and began my wait.