Tennessy Willems Wood Oven Pizza Ottawa Canada

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Tennessy Willems Wood Oven Pizza Ottawa Canada

Posted By: Travis
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Well my job brought me up to Canada this time, Ottawa specifically. Such a nice looking city with friendly inhabitants. I do not think I will judge entire countrymen based upon the South Park guys anymore. After working a full day I got kind of hungry and heard about this wood oven pizza place named Tennessy Willems on Wellington Street. So I took a ride to see if it was any good. Since Pizza Expert doesn't have much in the way of Canadian Pizza Reviews, I thought it would only be right to send one in.

Tennessy Willems Pizza was nice inside and if I had to guess I would say the restaurant  holds 26-30 people, so it isn't a place you can just walk right into if they are busy. It was sort of noisy inside, but that doesn't seem to bother me very much. I zone in on the pizza and forget anyone else is there anyways. So I grabbed a chair and began my wait.

After checking out the menu for a little bit I decided on the Margherita pizza. Didn't take long for the pizza to come out and I was impressed right away that they used real mozzarella cheese chunks. Hopefully this was a good sign of things to come from this thin crust pizza. As I bit into my first slice I instantly noticed how good the sauce was, when you get to taste it. Some parts of this pie literally had sauce on it but had no taste whatsoever?

The crust was nice and crisp around the edge, but didn't hold flat. Soggy crust in the middle because the plates are not flat so the juices flow to the center. You would think the owners would recognize this. Never use anything but a flat plate when it comes to eating pizza.

Personally I do not love a coal tasting pizza, so the wood flavoring here tasted good. If you sit at the bar it gets really warm from the oven. Friendly staff. They do take reservations. I would go back.

Tennessy Willems Pizza in Ottawa, Canada gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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  • 1082 Wellington Street West Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y4, Canada