The Roadhouse Brick Oven Pizza in Riverhead, NY


Although we do not go out to Riverhead that often, I had to return something at the outlets with my family. One of my friends parents overhead me the previous day saying that I was heading out to Riverhead and said I should try The Original Roadhouse Brick Oven Pizza located on West Main Street. We happened to pass by this absolutely adorable pizzeria, and pulled in to check out if the pizza was any good.

The Original Roadhouse Pizza is in a building reminiscent of a place you would get some good German Food.  It had a sort of dollhouse feel to it, and as we pulled into the parking spot we noticed such a cute outdoor seating area to our right. There was even the Peconic River behind that. Needless to say, my first impression was a happy one.


Giorgio’s Pizza Nesconset, NY


Had the opportunity to try a pizzeria out in Nesconset, NY the other day that my sister seems to enjoy. Initially we were going to go to Albert’s Pizza in Ronkonkoma but I wasn’t feeling too hot and just wanted to go back towards my families house. We pulled into the lot on this somewhat cold and overcast Long Island day, actually every day seems cold to someone who just arrived on a plane from Florida.

Upon entering Georgio’s Pizza you can view their display of pizzas on the right hand side, while seating is to the left. On the other side of the booths appears to be a restaurant with a full menu for dinner. Nobody in my family has eaten dinner there so I am not sure how it is at night, but I think we will go back there next time to try out some of the pasta dishes.


Spritz Pizza Coral Gables, Miami


We found ourselves down in Coral Gables the other night, well actually we started off at Merrick Park, but slowly made our way up to one of my favorite sections of Miami soon after. We all seemed to want different places to eat and nobody would compromise as to which place we should choose. That is when it hit me! Spris Pizza has a location in Coral Gables and I really haven’t had a bad experience at this specific location.

As we drove up Ponce De Leon and began looking for a parking spot, I noticed there was no place called Spris Pizza anymore and instead was a place that looked similar called Spritz Pizza. It seemed too similar in name to not be related to the old place so we parked and headed on in. I was hopeful the old owner Julio still was in charge of the place.


Andiamo Pizzeria in Ronkonkoma, NY


Just got back from another trip to Long Island and got to try out several new little places I had never been to before. My objective was to drive down some roads after leaving Islip Airport and just stop and try out some random places.

Andiamo Pizzeria was one of the places I discovered during this tour as we headed through Ronkonkoma, NY. Andiamo Pizza was located in a small strip mall in a mainly residential neighborhood on Hawkins Avenue. We went in during this off hour and were the only people inside the pizza place. As you enter the doorway you are first greeted with the garbage pail, then a bunch of seats and eventually you get to the pizza counter.