Borriello Brothers Pizza Colorado Springs, CO

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Borriello Brothers Pizza Colorado Springs, CO

Posted By: Mad Greek
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The Mad Greek is back in pizza action at Borriello Brothers Real New York Pizza on Rte. 24 in Colorado Springs. I know it has been a while and you probably missed me but I am back and will hopefully start sending in more reviews.

About the only good thing as an omen before I marched into the unknown (is there really any good pizza outside of New York?) was my favorite # is at least 24. That being said, Borriello's was voted best pizza in 2008 through 2011. The question is where? If it was voted best in all of Colorado, I can understand as it's nearest rival Beau Jo's should be turned into a thrift shop that serves spicy buffalo wings because BJs pizza flat out was horrible in my opinion.

On that note, Borriello's is a nice change of pace for a New Yorker who has gagged on more than his fair share of rancid pies west of the Mississippi. While I can only muster up a nice 4 slices out of 8, noting imbalances in the screen toasted crust to overly sweet and slightly spicy sauce to fresh cheese (which oddly did not drip one drop of oil), it left me thinking that there's no place like home. I know Pizza Expert thoroughly enjoys a sweet tasting sauce, but I am pretty certain that even he might have found this overly sweet.

Don't be fooled by the Derek Jeter and Mickey Mantle plaques on the wall, as for Real New York Pizza, I am only left with a funny after taste in my opinion and little town blues which are now melting away like Colorado snow on Pikes Peak in August. Nice try, and a good middle relief pitcher, but this was no fireman's relief and hardly Mariano Rivera in the pinch.

A solid 4 of 8 slices on the Real New York Pizza scale for Borriello Brothers Pizza in Colorado Springs.

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  • 215 E Platte Ave Colorado Springs, CO