Steve’s Wood Fired Pizza Boca Raton Offers $10 Off For Leaving Comment Here

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Steve’s Wood Fired Pizza Boca Raton Offers $10 Off For Leaving Comment Here

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back in February of 2009. Now I know why. You see the owner of Steve's finally took time away from trying to attack those that don't like his place on the comment board here, and instead decided to do something proactive over one year and a half later. Check out the email he sent to his mailing list:

Eat for FREE!


Its so easy to do!

$10 off of $10.00 purchase when you post a review for Steve\'s Wood-Fired Pizza on \"\".  Just follow the link below, write a brief review in the comment section, post it, print it and bring it in along with this email, it\'s that easy!

After all YOU are the pizza expert!

1, 2, 3 eat for free!

This offer expires on Saturday, October 9, 2010. Please present this certificate when placing your order. Minimum purchase required. Limit one certificate per table/customer/party. May only be used once. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Tax and gratuity not included. Only valid at this location.


I commend his efforts to try to remove the obnoxious things he and his staff said on the comment board of the original post. This is probably one of the most effective ways to help his online reputation. It is called suppression, and allows people to only display the things you want your prospective patrons to read. We used to really like Steve's Pizza in Boca Raton. If he would lower the prices a bit, he would get my business back for another try and review. Steve, contact me and we would even have a there to let pizza lovers from South Florida decide if they like it as well.

There are a couple of things that annoy me about his email though.

1. If people leave a bad review, and tell their real feelings, do they still get the $10.00 off?

2. He says "Minimum purchase required" but fails to mention what the minimum is?  Do you have to spend $75.00 (which you easily could based upon his prices for tiny pies) in order to get $10.00 off? Make sure you question this before you order your food guys!

Thanks for the traffic to my site Steve!

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