Galleria Pizza Rochester, NY

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Galleria Pizza Rochester, NY

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Right next to the hotel where I was staying in Rochester, NY, was this pizza place named Galleria Pizza. It was located within one the office high-rises throughout downtown Rochester. For some reason, I was completely disheveled during this trip, and forgot half the necessary items needed to keep oneself hygienic. Luckily the office building next to the Rochester Plaza Hotel, had a conienence store located on the bottom, and I was able to grab many of the necessities I needed, so that I remained as beautiful as usual. While exiting the building, I noticed the pizza place, and made a mental note to try it out during my stay. I knew the Rochester Pizza Guy had plenty of other places for me to try, so I figured I would try it out in between sessions at the conference I was at.

After asking many employees in the hotel if they considered Galleria Pizza to be "good pizza", many of them just shook their heads, and advised me to go to The Pizza Stop down the road, since they made a much much better pie. In my usual contrarian way, I ultimately decided to try Galleria Pizza anyways, and see if it was that bad.

Upon entering this dinette style establishment, I realized they had quite an extensive menu. Pizza seemed to be one of the few things the patrons eating there weren't actually ordering. In case you cannot find seating in the main area, Galleria Pizza happens have a nice big eating section across the hall as well, so don't just give up and go back to your office. When it was my turn to go up to the counter, I was greeted by a really nice Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars) lookalike. It was amazing, the similarities the two had. Since there weren't any plain slices on the counter I asked if I could get one, and he said they had some in the back. Kinda scary ordering a slice you cannot see, but I was there and wanted to try their pizza. After ordering and paying, the guy handed me a religious piece of paper. I was in awe.... how dare he try to push his religious beliefs to me while I was just there trying to have a slice of pizza. Save the religious zealot stuff for those who care. Worry about the food, and not about the lord while working. This TRULY turned me off to the place, and fast. After getting the slice of pizza and taking my first bite, it was evident that the lord hasn't helped them much with their pizza, at least in my opinion.

This slice of pizza I had at Galleria Pizza was a little below Ellio's Pizza in my opinion. The cheese tasted fake, the sauce was awful, and both tasted like they came from a frozen pizza of some sort. The crust was a least nice and crisp, and kind of tasted ok. It probably comes from a par baked shell or something.

Personally, I wouldn't ever go back to Galleria Pizza, and I am sure the place is busy just because of the proximity downtown. On a cold rainy day, it is easy to eat there and if this place was outside the building, and solely served the pizza I had on this day, they wouldn't be able to last very long. The Pizza Stop down the block is a much better option for a good slice.

Galleria Pizza in Rochester gets 2 out of 8 slices in my opinion.

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