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The Pizza Stop Rochester, NY

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After trying some of the best pizza in Rochester, NY, at Tony D's Pizza, the Rochester Pizza Guy met me for lunch the following day, and we went to one of his local downtown favorites named The Pizza Stop for a slice or two. This was a perfect opportunity to try some of the local individual pizza slices that downtown Rochester has to offer. As the Rochester Pizza Guy said on his blog post about our encounters:

"Second, Lapp comes at pizza from a different background. He grew up downstate, where excellent pizza is practically a birthright, and world-class pizza isn't hard to find. And he informs me that South Florida is home to many terrific pizzerias as well, thanks in part to all the New York transplants down there. No knock on Western New York, where I was born and raised, but I think that the sum of my pizza experiences has probably led to my personal pizza bar being set a little lower than Lapp's.  "

I was hoping that this statement wasn't entirely correct, since Rochester Pizza Guy was spot on about Tony D's, and it would make no difference where each of us grew up. It was great pizza regardless of geography. So, since he chose this locale, I was really optimistic that this would be an amazing slice.

I ordered one Regular slice and one Sicilian slice. After ordering, I couldn't help but notice the way the owner of The Pizza Stop has his oven adorned. He has it completely covered with thermal pads. I personally have never seen this technique before, so I wonder if it is unique to this location? Anyone seen it like this someplace else? If so please comment below. Maybe it even has a sleeper bed inside of it they use when not cooking.

The Pizza Stop was extremely busy on this dreary overcast, rainy cold day. From what I hear, the 40 degrees was actually mild for most of the residents in late October, so none seemed scared of the weather and came out to have some pizza. This was another great sign.... patrons brave the elements to come eat at The Pizza Stop. When my slices came out, I immediately noticed how perfect this regular slice was cut. There was almost no cheese overflow to pick off the plate. No dropping sauce, or oil to really speak of. It was like this slice of pizza was almost too perfect looking. Looks only go so far, but now for the taste.... This regular slice at The Pizza Stop in Rochester was cooked right. It was sliced perfect, and was really crisp. Pizza is subjective, but in my opinion a slice should always be crisp and hold up when it comes out after being reheated in an oven.  This slice was phenomenally crisp. The sauce was sweet, but I found peel stuck to my teeth, which I really do not like. The cheese tasted ok, but didn't really seem top notch.

The Sicilian slice at The Pizza Stop was a bit better than the Regular slice in my opinion. Although the crust was not cooked perfectly, I liked the texture of it, and the dough tasted good. just way too much cheap flour on the bottom. You could taste the blandness of it, or watch it flake off my fingers when putting the slice down on the plate. I would suggest either using less flour when preparing the pie, or get a better quality. Sauce and cheese were the same as above.

So even though we come from different parts of the pizza worlds, it is fair to say that the Rochester Pizza Guy and myself seem to both agree that this was a good slice. He just thinks its a bit better then I do, and I can respect that.

The Pizza Stop gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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7 Responses to “The Pizza Stop Rochester, NY”

  • Pizzastop1 wrote:
    06 Nov 2011 at 11:52 pm

    I am the ownner of the Pizza Stop and I have a few things to say. The first is that the insulating panels on the ovens are an invention of mine, they insulate the ovens to reduce the radiating heat from the surface of the ovens thereby reducing the heat in the store. if anybody is interested email me The next thing I want to say is that this review tells me nothing. If you didn’t like my pizza thats fine, but at least tell me why. All you say is that you had a skin in your teeth and that the sicilian slice was not cooked perfectly and had to much cheap flour stuck to the bottom. Well for the first part we don’t use tomatoe juice for sauce, we use a blend of three tomatoes, and one them is whole crusched, and there is some skins in there, my bad. Next thing is that you say the sicilian slice was not cooked perfectly, what does that mean, was it over cooked under cooked, if you are a pizza expert I would expect you to have some idea of what you are talking about and give an explenation of what you mean. The last and the most bothersome, you said the sicilian slice had to much cheap flour on the bottom of it and it flaked off on your fingers, well guess what, there is no flour used on this pizza, we cook it in sheet pans and serve it from the same pan so I don’t know what you are talking about. And how would you know what a cheap flour tasted like anyway. We have been in business for over 25 years and have gotten great reviews from food critics who get paid for what they do, so your 5 out of 8 review does not bother me, its your lack of depth in the review. 

  • […] Pizza to be “good pizza”, many of them just shook their heads, and advised me to go to The Pizza Stop down the road, since they made a much much better pie. In my usual contrarian way, I ultimately […]

  • STM wrote:
    08 Nov 2011 at 8:34 am



    Nowhere in the ‘Worst Pizza Guys review’ does he say, he did
    not ‘enjoy’ or ‘like’ your pizza. It’s a review, an opinion. What exactly are
    you annoyed or upset about? How does someone measure ‘Greatness’?

    Are you aggravated because the ‘Worst Pizza Guy’ was curious
    about your exterior insulation on your oven? Are you aggravated because he
    commented that the Sicilian pizza slice was baked ‘less-than-perfect’? An
    individual’s ‘favorite pizza’ is subjective, and based on ‘personal
    preference’. Why is that a bad thing? Are you suggesting that if someone does a
    review and scores your pizza with an ‘A’ that they have a strong ‘depth of
    knowledge’ and if someone does a review and scores your pizza ‘anything less”
    than an ‘A’ they lack ‘depth of knowledge? Jim, you are very good at what you
    do, and you make an outstanding pizza, however you are not the only one.

  • Craig (lapp) wrote:
    09 Nov 2011 at 8:19 pm

    I just found the insulating interesting to look at, no knock. I didn’t like the sauce because of the peel, it is a personal opinion, and I am sure many others do not share in my exact view on your sauce. The Sicilian slice was certainly not baked properly and was undercooked on the bottom. Maybe the counter they laid the Sicilian on had flour, because after I put the slice down I made it snow with my fingers.

    I think I gave you a rather decent review, and if you read the one about Galleria Pizza, you will see I even recommend people to go to you instead. Is that in depth enough for you, or is my recommendation meaningless because I didn’t love your sauce and the fact the slice wasn’t cooked well enough?


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  • M Brandt wrote:
    10 Mar 2015 at 4:26 pm

    You call yourselves “Pizza Experts” ? ? ? Your website is a horrible disservice to Pizza Lovers. The State Street “Pizza Stop” location is currently the absolute Best Place in Rochester to get a genuine New York style pizza. Check Out the multitude of superb reviews on the other restaurant review websites. Check Out the lines of customers, extending out the door ( independent of weather ) waiting to get a slice at lunch time. I grew up on Thin Crust Pizza… New York City Style and Greecian Style. The Pizza Stop is my favorite in Rochester… and I have tried quite a few pizzas here. It is just about as good as any of the best that I have had in Manhattan.

    Meanwhile, Tony D’s leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe you got lucky and got a good one. The other dishes on their menu are fine, but their pizza definitely is not. Its not that I dislike Italian Style wood fired pizza, I do. Its just that my family have had some pretty burnt and pretty doughy ( under cooked ) pizzas there. After having 2 totally awful, and 2 so-so pizzas there, we have no intensions of ever going back.