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DaVinci’s Pizza Chestnut Ridge, Spring Valley, NY

Ok, so I didn’t stay long enough to check out the legend of Panza Pie as we bid farewell to Saratoga Springs this morning. However, on pulling into Chestnut Ridge around 1 pm, and held to a standard of try it when you see it, DaVinci’s Pizza of Chestnut Ridge (spring valley) was the pizza stop of the day.

It is interesting to note that when I arrived, a customer was just getting his personal 10″ pizza boxed with a finishing handful of Pecorino Romano grated cheese sprinkled amply over the entire pie, and then cut into 8 small slices. It looked really good and the chef asked if we wanted a pie like that, but the Mad Hungarian had the call for a plain good old fashioned thin crust neopolitan pie. I obliged and we watched the chef prepare one fresh.