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Colony Grill Pizza Stamford, CT Best Pizza

For several years readers have emailed me telling me about this must try pizza dive in Stamford, Connecticut named The Colony Grill. After getting dozens of emails I started to research the place where I learned it was actually a bar on one side, and eatery that served nothing but pizza on the other side. The photos of the pizza at The Colony Grill in Stamford reminded me of a place we used to have in Boca Raton that I loved and frequented often called Euro Pizza, so I couldn’t wait to one day make my way to Stamford and check this joint out.

Even some close Twitter friends who know how finicky I am with pizza described The Colony Grill to be some of the best pizza they have had in the country. Knowing how close Stamford is to New Haven, where some of the best pizza places are actually located in Connecticut I really couldn’t imagine The Colony Grill being able to compete.