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Rivermont Pizza Lynchburg, Virginia

Rivermont PizzaEvery time I’ve walked into Rivermont Pizza, I’m greeted by the fantastic vibe it gives off. It’s small and rustic feeling, nothing fancy, but very functional. The selection of beer is one of the best I’ve encountered – always lots of great locally brewed choices and never a let down. Up until this last visit, that was the only reason I went there. Despite the name, I’ve always been leery of places that pass themselves off as a proper bar and eatery – see the review of The Lodge in Boca – big time pizza fail.


Waterstone Pizzeria – Waterstone Pizza Lynchburg

Taking advantage of my trip home, I sampled another pizzeria today – Waterstone Pizzeria in Lynchburg, Virginia. The location and ambiance of this restaurant are great. Located on the bottom floor of an old warehouse on the banks of the James river, the interior is a mix of the old and the new – worn down brick and stone walls surrounding modern booths, and more importantly a new pizza oven. I should also mention it features local beer from the microbrew above it, a very unique and cool pizzeria.


Isabella’s Pizza Lynchburg, VA

On a recent trip home to visit my parents, I had the pleasure of eating at an upscale, modern Italian restarant, Isabella’s in Lynchburg, Virginia (If you’re a minority, don’t be put off by the name of the city. It’s named after a person, not a verb.).
Before I even got to the wine list, I looked down and realized that one of the nightly specials was an small pizza served as an appetizer.