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The Sicilian Oven Pizza Second Try

sicilian_oven.jpgsicilianoven.jpgMy family and I were meeting some old friends from college the other day, and decided to go to The Sicilian Oven in Lighthouse Point on 2486 N Federal Hwy 954.785.4155.  My previous experiences at The Sicilian Oven have been outrageous, so it seemed like the natural choice.  Based upon my friends reactions, after they took their first bites, I knew I made the right decision.

I have enjoyed The Sicilian Oven so much in the past that I had a PizzaTweetup there even! But on this occasion, something miraculous happened.  The ancient winds blew east instead of west, and the moon aligned, because I was served some pretty amazing pizza like I hadn’t tasted  before.


Pizzatweetup at The Sicilian Oven in Lighthouse Point

pizzatweetup.jpgLast night we had another PizzaTweetup.  This time we all descended upon The Siclian Oven in Lighthouse Point.  Approximately 58 pizza lovers and friends came to try out their amazing pizza, and grab some drinks.  Not even hail and a mini hurricane kept our die- hards from attending.

Last time I made the mistake of including the names of everyone who attended, and then I heard complaints all month long about the placement of their names and the order they appeared, so this time I will not name everyone individually.  Just know I remember each and everyone of my friends who were there and thank you sincerely for attending.  Pizza lovers from as far as Miami, and even Wellington came!

The event started at 7pm and most showed up right on time.  We started serving the pizza at around 7:30pm, with a Pepperoni Pie that came right out of the beautiful wood oven they use to cook with.  For the next 2 hours, pizza arrived hot & fresh and was brought around to everyone, making sure each person had as many slices as they could possibly eat.  There was no shortage of pizza this evening.  Besides the normal plain pie (which is remarkable here), the owners Andrew and Ralph even brought out Sicilian style and Vegetarian Pizza.  If you couldn’t find a slice to eat at this event, then you just do not eat pizza.

I would like to thank the owners of The Sicilian Oven for their hospitality and the free pizza.  Your staff is some of the finest I have encountered in my Pizza journeys. Attentive, funny, and full of life. The owners even gave out 3 gift cards to random attendees who tweeted about them.  @twittgoddess won $10, @thedonz won $25 and @mattmaschler won $50!  Congrats guys, I hope you enjoy your return visit.

Special thanks to @oweno from Ustar Video for making this amazing video below!

We also thank @fsutoby from Tilson PR, for bringing all that free Dunkin Donuts stuff to hand out!  Much appreciated Toby!  Our attendees even received free car wash certificates from @ultimatecarwash!

Thanks everyone once again for making this such a spectacular event.  See you all next month.  I haven’t chosen the place yet, but you can bet it will only be at someplace good!


Best Pizza Lighthouse Point Sicilian Oven

img_0981sicilianoven.jpgGot a tip from someone the other day, that someone who used to work at Anthony’s had opened his own place up in Lighthouse Point, named Sicilian Oven.  So naturally Mikey and I, made the journey to go and try it.  The Sicilian Oven is located on 2486 N Federal Hwy 954.785.4155.  When we located the place, I remember it being a DiSalvos or something like that.  It was a place we tried many many years ago and didn’t really care for, so when we saw it no longer in business it came as no surprise.

The Sicilian Oven smelled great when we walked in, and we were seated within a view of the ovens that they use.  Watching a fully flamed oven is kind of beautiful, especially when they throw some oil in there to heat it up!  We ordered a small regular pie to split, and anxiously awaited for the first bite.

When the pizza arrived, it looked fantastic.  We both took and slice, and upon biting in, we both looked at each other and gave the eyes of bliss to one another.  This pizza was great.  The crust was tasty and crisp, the cheese tasted awesome, and the olive oil they used on top of the pie after removing it from the oven, gave this slice such a rich taste.  Ideally, I would take some of the chunks out of the sauce guys.  The sauce was a little too heavy for my liking, but tasted decent.  So it wasn’t nearly enough of a negative to take any points away from the overall experience.  This is a place we will definitely try again if we are in the area, and we recommend to anyone who thinks Anthony’s Coal Pizza is good, to try this place before making that statement.  The Sicilian Oven is far better then Anthony’s.

The Sicilian Oven gets 7 out of 8 slices.