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The Varsity Sports Grill Pizza Ft. Smith, AR

Found myself once again traveling for work and landed in a place called Ft. Smith Arkansas. Beautiful part of the country. Was looking to grab a few drinks and see the local scene and I wandered upon The Varsity Sports Grill. After going in I couldn’t believe that this sports bar had a wood fired pizza oven. It became evident what I would have with a few of my brewskis tonight.

The Varsity Sports Grill is located in Downtown Ft. Smith, AR on Garrison Ave. It is a typical sports bar with a bar area, with nothing really out of the ordinary (outside of that pizza oven). There is family seating area and even a few pool tables. Luckily they had a few pinball machines and old school video game machines for me to play while waiting. It is very spacious and once again, to the surprise a wood oven for pizza.