Woodfield County Club Boca Raton Pizza

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Woodfield County Club Boca Raton Pizza

Posted By: gman
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Since I am not a member at the Woodfield Country Club, I had to wait for someone to invite me there in order to try their new pizza out. According to a newsletter they put out recently, it "puts all others to shame."

The pizza cooked in like seven minutes and cost $13 for the large pie. We sat down and began to wait in a beautifully redesigned eating area by the pool. While eating there I felt like I was on vacation. I was hoping that the pizza at Woodfield Country Club was as gorgeous as the actual community itself. Woodfield has to be one of the most eloquent looking country clubs around Boca Raton.

Since this is not a home makeover site, and a pizza site, let's focus on the pizza. When the pizza came out of the oven it was cut extremely disproportioned and whoever did the cutting should possibly consider a math class again.

Upon lifting my slice it was quite noticeable that they used a lot of corn meal on the dough. But like A LOT! The bottom was a bit well done, and it became immediately apparent that this pie wasn't turned around in the oven, since one side was burnt and the other just well done. Didn't matter though, since I wanted to see if it really did "put all others to shame." The cheese was fresh enough and I cannot really complain about it. I can complain that the staff didn't know anything about the pizza or the process by which it cooked. I was curious if they used a conveyor belt type of oven, or perhaps a spinning oven, or hopefully an actual pizza oven. Nobody I guess I cannot inform anyone here about it.

The sauce tasted below par with a vinegarish aftertaste. Like the kind found at a an outdoor fair or ikea. I would say that the sauce was my least favorite part about this pie. Personally, in my opinion I wouldn't rush over to order the pizza again, next time I am there. If I lived in the actual club, I probably would order pies from here since it is so convenient and I would have to use a food minimum anyways. When it comes to Country Club Pizza, Woodfield Country Club cannot even compare to Boca West Country Club Pizza for now.

Woodfield Country Club Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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