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Vapiano Pizza CityPlace Doral Fl

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We got a few emails alerting us a new pizza concept called Vapiano that opened up and the magnificent CityPlace Doral center in Doral, Florida. For those of you who aren't aware where Doral is, it is located right near the Miami airport and usually is recognized for having the Trump National Golf Course.

Having never been to the Doral area before, and after looking up information on Vapiano Pizza, we decided to head down and give it a try.


Although Vapiano might sound new to many of us, they have many locations throughout the world. The chain was started in Germany back in 2002 and has since grown to offer out franchises throughout Europe and the United States. The Doral location, is their second location in South Florida.

Upon pulling up into CityPlace Doral, we were in awe. We never knew they had a place so gorgeous down in Doral before. Usually we do not focus on the location of the pizzeria but this place deserves a look. They have shops, restaurants, movies, improv comedy, fountain shows and even "flats" to live in. You literally can live, work, dine and play in one location like their site mentions.

CityPlace Doral

We actually liked the location enough to attend their recent tree lighting ceremony. It was fantastic! Needless to say it is a great spot to visit during the holidays.


Anyways, back to the pizza. We entered Vapiano and were a little confused how it worked. First you walk into a cashier style cube, then you are instructed to go to order at the counter, where they have different lines for different things. Then you order your pizza, and they give you a chip card. After this, you must make your way to the other side of the restaurant to order your drink. Then once your journey is complete, you have to remember to pay on your way out. This might work well in Europe but I think us American folk must be trained a little bit better upon entering.

Regardless of how confusing we found the experience, we weren't there to critique the usability of the establishment. We were there to review the pizza.


When we got our pizza, it looked delicious. Although we aren't fans of the extra tomato on top, we quickly and surgically removed it from our pie. During our next visit we will request they leave it off. Our first bite revealed an incredible fresh pie, with obvious fresh ingredients. The crust was crisp and thin, the sauce was applied in a minimal fashion and the cheese was delightful. The cheese was our favorite part of this pizza actually. This pizza tastes wood fired but made in an electric oven.

Vapiano is a pizzeria we will certainly go back to. It is an excellent choice if you are seeing a movie at CityPlace Doral or going to the Improv to laugh a little.

Vapiano Pizza in CityPlace Doral, Fl gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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