Send Your Kids To School With a Healthy Lunch: Pizza

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Send Your Kids To School With a Healthy Lunch: Pizza

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Actually, this is great for adult lunches too. Most people don't think of pizza as "healthy" because most associate it with either the greasy fried version at fast food restaurants or the frozen pie variety they often serve as school lunches. How about this twist on tow traditional favorites, instead?

Pizza and PB&J.

Kids love pizza. Kids love peanut butter and jelly. Why not combine them?

The idea is to make a pizza crust and spread PB & J on it rather than the usual pizza toppings. You can add things to go with as well, like banana slices, raisins, nuts, or whatever you or your kids enjoy with their peanut butter classic. Heck, throw bananas and bacon on there and go Elvis if you want.

Start with your favorite dough recipe. Quick-rise or no-rise recipes work best. Traditional crust, if you keep dough balls in the freezer, will also work well if rolled out very thin before baking (less than 1/4").

Roll out the dough or stretch into as thin a crust as possible. Then, using something round and about the right size (4 to 5" in diameter), like a bowl or a single-serve pie tin, cut circles out of the dough. Place these on a cookie sheet, either non-stick or coated lightly with cooking oil. When you can't cut any more, re-roll and spread the dough and keep going until you have used it all and/or filled the cookie sheet.

Bake at 425 for about 8-10 minutes. When the dough begins to show a crusted edge, lightly browned, it's done.

Remove and let cool for a few minutes. Then spread peanut butter and jelly and toppings to taste. Make sandwiches out of the crust or do it pizza-style. If your kids are a little dubious about the idea, tell them that these are a hot-seller at Disneyland.

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