Romney and Mrs. Obama Sit Down for Pizza

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Romney and Mrs. Obama Sit Down for Pizza

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Not together, of course. The Republican candidate for presidential nomination was in New Hampshire while the First Lady was in Hawaii. Interestingly, she had all-natural, farm-to-table pizza while he had Hawaiian.

Romney was with his wife in Newport, NH on his bus tour to Iowa when he stopped for pizza at Village Pizza, established in 1975. He ordered a small Hawaiian with olives and helped deliver pizza orders to tables around the restaurant as he stumped for votes.

The candidate also ordered and delivered pizzas to the press before leaving to continue his tour.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama and her daughters Malia and Sasha were at MA'O Organic Farms in Hawaii where they were thrown a pizza party where Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass and chef Ed Kenney cooked her and the girls pizzas in a fire oven.

The farm-to-table pizzas were sponsored by MA'O.

So we had both a Republican candidate for president eating Hawaiian pizza and the current First Lady, a Democrat, eating pizza in Hawaii on the same day. Who says pizza can't bring people together, no matter how ideologically opposed they might be?

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