Renzo’s Pizza East Islip, NY

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Renzo’s Pizza East Islip, NY

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Long Island pretty much has a pizza place in each shopping center you pass. It is almost impossible to choose a place, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Many people tell me to check Yelp or UrbanSpoon, but sometimes I notice that pizza owners have figured out ways to "game" the system and gather up a bunch of fake reviews, while at the same time leaving bad reviews on their competition, so I never really put much hope in what I read there. While out visiting some family in East Islip Long Island, I decided to just pick a random spot and try out a slice or two. After passing by what seemed like dozens of other pizza places in East Islip, I decided to stop and check out Renzo's Pizza on Main Street.

I ordered just one slice for myself, and got my friend one slice as well. We sat down and waited a few and then took the hot slices back to the table. The cheese stood out, and had me practically salivating as I brought it to the table. Wasn't sure which cheese this was, but it looked and smelled like they mixed some Grande into it. My first bite was good, extremely hot and soggy, so I let it sit a couple of minutes before trying it again. On my second bite it became evident that this was a good slice of pizza. Smooth tasting cheese, sauce was decent enough, but applied to heavily towards the crust. Although this slice was not cooked perfectly, since the dough was a bit soft, the sweet tasting sauce applied on top of it made it taste good.

Renzo's Pizza has a nice variety of specialty slices out on display, and I hear their eggplant and chicken parm slices are the best kind of slices to order here, so maybe you should check them out when you go.

Renzo's Pizza in East Islip gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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