Pizza Time Cafe Parkland

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Pizza Time Cafe Parkland

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pizza-time-caffe-parkland-regular2A gem of a restaurant, Pizza Time Caffe is one of my favorite places in Parkland.  (954) 345-8665.  A little hard to find if your not familiar with the area but definitely worth a detour.  They have a beautiful display of different pizza’s and other prepared Italian food, plus a full menu.  I don’t even mind the waitress service because it’s a comfortable place to be.  I am not sure if they are connected with the fabulous Pizza Time’s in Coral Springs, FL and Boca Raton, FL but its not important.

We sampled 3 slices.  The round grandma slice was delicious and the Marinara also very tasty.  I didn’t care as much for the regular slice on this trip.  It seemed too heavy.  Or I was full from the other types.  Overall a very nice pizza.  And a great surprise is that they participate in the Rewards Network so it’s possible to get an extra 10% off.  6 of 8 slices.


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  • 6700 Parkside Dr, parkland, fl 33067