Pizza Barn Loxahatchee Florida

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Pizza Barn Loxahatchee Florida

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As a recovering New Yorker I often view pizza as a quick food staple and one of the frustrations of living in South Florida is the lack of corner pizza joints where you can simply grab a slice. I am almost certain by now that you have read Pizza Expert's rantings on this topic, and I actually agree completely with him since the whole practice of having to wait for a slice is silly, especially when you can just grab it yourself like they do where I am from.

Yet I am always hopeful that I will find the one place that reminds me of home (just without the snow) and recently while driving around the acreage in Loxahatchee I found myself inexplicably drawn to The Pizza Barn. While the whole Barn theme seemed to fit in this area of the world, it didn't quite scream pizza to me.

But, I was happily surprised to find a REAL New York style pizza parlor, where I can order slices at the counter and have a quick lunch. Yup, that is right, a place where I could walk in, without being asked where to sit, and order a slice from a guy at a counter and wait until he took it hot out of the oven. I didn’t expect this from the area, name or décor, but if life takes me back to Loxahatchee, which I am not sure it will, since it took me this long to go there in the first placeI will certainly return for a slice of tasty, crispy, good pizza.

The cheese at The Pizza Barn in Loxahatchee tasted fresh and had a quality to it. The sauce was sweet, and not overbearing, and the crust held up and tasted great.

Pizza Barn in Loxahatcee Florida in the Grove Market Shopping Center gets 6 of 8 slices.

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