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Peace a Pizza Boca Raton, FL

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I haven't been to Peace a Pizza in Boca Raton for a long long time. Last time I went there, I reviewed this pizzeria and truly disliked it. Not sure I found one single redeeming quality about this establishment. Anyways, I linked the article in my second sentence, so you can always click to read it there.

A buddy of mine told me that Peace a Pizza had new owners in this Boca Raton location, in the Ale House shopping center. At first I doubted him, since Peace a Pizza had been for sale forever in this lunch only section of Boca Raton. Being my inquisitive self, I went in to see if there were in fact, new owners.


Upon entering Peace a Pizza, nothing looked changed. Same tables, same layout, same signs, and same looking variety of pizza. If you are one of those visual types of pizza eaters, the ones who like to see how the pizza looks with all the different toppings, and don't want to mortgage the house like you do at the Cannoli Kitchen, you would probably like the way Peace a Pizza has the pizzas set up.

The regular slices looked decent, but I wanted to try the Sicilian if they still offered it. I ordered one regular and they told me if I waited about 5 minutes, a fresh Sicilian pie would be coming out of their circular oven located to the left of the counter. I agreed, and began to wait, but I also realized at this point that they still use that cheap looking, credibility stealing, conveyor belt pizza oven to reheat the slices. Makes you think you are at a Chuck e Cheese or something. I wish I could understand why they do this. To the new owners, GET A REAL OVEN!

The regular slice was enjoyable. It was extremely thin, a bit oily, but had a nice sweet tasting smooth fresh sauce. The cheese didn't taste extraordinary but it was good enough to give this slice a passing grade. While waiting for my Sicilian slice I asked if there were new owners. The guy behind the counter introduced himself as the new owner and told me they do not plan on changing the name as of yet. Personally I would try to distance myself from the Peace a Pizza name, but once again, that is only my personal opinion. He told me they used the same recipe but got their ingredients from local places. All within 80 miles. After tasting the pizza, I could believe this. Everything tasted fresh.

When the Sicilian came out of the oven I couldn't wait to try it. It was hot, but I didn't care. I wanted to taste it asap. As I picked up this fresh out of oven slice, I liked the texture of the crust. It possessed a lunar like feel to it and held up nicely. After tasting my first bite, I quickly realized that this was the type of pizza I could see myself trying again. The sauce (had a strange aftertaste, maybe of vinegar) but the cheese taste great applied on top of it.

This is a HUGE improvement from the previous owners. I wish the new management and staff the best of luck. I will be back to try it again, just to make sure.

Peace a Pizza in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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