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Tilted Kilt Boca Raton Flatbread Pizza

Posted By: Pizza Expert on May 6th, 2015 1 Comments


Let me first start off by saying that I in NO way went to the new Tilted Kilt in Boca Raton looking for pizza. I was going to meet a couple of friends from the gym (I have to work out to maintain this physique for my readers) to have a burger and enjoy the ambiance of scantily clad waitresses serving us our food with cute smiles.

When we sat down and starting to browse the menu, I saw Flatbread Pizzas on it, and it had some good real estate on the first inner fold, so I couldn’t resist ordering one, since they must be proud of their pizza, or they would have buried it otherwise somewhere else on the menu. It should also be noted that Tilted Kilt isn’t known for their pizza, and guys usually go in to grab a beer and hang with their friends, and this establishment is perfect for that. All these disclaimers are necessary since I guess you could tell, wasn’t overwhelmed with what I was about to be served.


Blaze Pizza Boca Raton

6 8 slice rating

Posted By: Pizza Expert on March 30th, 2015 0 Comments



For those of my readers from the west coast of our great nation, you have had places like Blaze Pizza and 800 Degrees for years and are probably wondering why I am first getting around to review it now. Well, we just got our first ones opened in Florida, and I managed to eat at the Blaze Pizza in Boca Raton prior to writing my review from the one I ate at in Las Vegas. So, it just seemed right to try out the more local Blaze and review it instead. I will get to other Blaze Pizza locations to review soon as well, since I recently just ate at the one in Gainesville, FL.


Stanzione 87 Pizza in Miami

7 8 slice rating

Posted By: Pizza Expert on February 27th, 2015 3 Comments


Took a ride down to Miami to try out a pizzeria that many readers have bragged about called Stanzione 87. Not sure what the name meant but after some google searches once I arrived, it appears the name means Stanzione 87. Sorry to make you think that I knew what it meant, but I still don’t. Maybe I will call the owner to find out.

Stanzione 87 wasn’t too busy on the day we went, I believe it was due to the construction, but that didn’t matter. I would have tried it regardless of how popular it was.


Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza Delray Beach, FL

5 8 slice rating

Posted By: Pizza Expert on January 11th, 2015 0 Comments



Luigi’s Pizza opened up months ago in Delray Beach, Fl on Atlantic Ave. They took the location of many a failed restaurant¬†prior to them renovating this space. We have eaten at their other location in Fort Lauderdale, situated on Las Olas and really didn’t love it too much. You can read that review here.

It is fair to note that this review is written after trying Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza two times, at their Delray Beach location. I wanted to make sure that my taste buds weren’t altered by the $9.95¬†Mozzarella in Carrozza I had the first visit, which was nothing more than a deep fried burnt grilled cheese sandwich. Amazing how two slices of bread and two pieces of cheese, could POSSIBLY cost this much.