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Stanzione 87 Pizza in Miami

Posted By: Pizza Expert on February 27th, 2015 3 Comments


Took a ride down to Miami to try out a pizzeria that many readers have bragged about called Stanzione 87. Not sure what the name meant but after some google searches once I arrived, it appears the name means Stanzione 87. Sorry to make you think that I knew what it meant, but I still don’t. Maybe I will call the owner to find out.

Stanzione 87 wasn’t too busy on the day we went, I believe it was due to the construction, but that didn’t matter. I would have tried it regardless of how popular it was.


Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza Delray Beach, FL

5 8 slice rating

Posted By: Pizza Expert on January 11th, 2015 0 Comments



Luigi’s Pizza opened up months ago in Delray Beach, Fl on Atlantic Ave. They took the location of many a failed restaurant prior to them renovating this space. We have eaten at their other location in Fort Lauderdale, situated on Las Olas and really didn’t love it too much. You can read that review here.

It is fair to note that this review is written after trying Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza two times, at their Delray Beach location. I wanted to make sure that my taste buds weren’t altered by the $9.95 Mozzarella in Carrozza I had the first visit, which was nothing more than a deep fried burnt grilled cheese sandwich. Amazing how two slices of bread and two pieces of cheese, could POSSIBLY cost this much.


Lucali Pizza Miami Beach, FL

7 8 slice rating

Posted By: Mad Greek on December 2nd, 2014 2 Comments


The infrequency of pizza reviews is by no means an indication of my lack of desire for one of life’s most simple and delicious pleasures.

What makes my return to the peel that much more appealing was my trip to Lucali in Miami with great friends and pizza guru Steven Shmookler.

Let’s get straight to the review.


Blocks Pizza Deli Miami Beach, South Beach

7 8 slice rating

Posted By: Pizza Expert on November 11th, 2014 0 Comments

A loyal reader recently typed an email to me suggesting I try one of his favorite places to grab pizza in South Beach. The place he mentioned was Blocks Pizza which is located on Washington Ave. I had the opportunity to be down in that area and decided to walk from my hotel over to Blocks and see if it was any good.

Blocks was nothing fancy inside but it had an open and clean feel to it. Not many tables, but an easy to see pizza counter with a door open to the of the kitchen so you can see what sort of goes on there. The different oils they had on the counter intrigued me but I didn’t want to ruin the first tasting by adding anything additional.