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O’Zone Pizza Pub Pensacola Florida

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This is the inauguarl post from little miss s.

I innocently walked over to O'Zone Pizza to have a salad.  But after remembering that the Monday night special is a half-priced 16 inch-pizza, that salad idea was put on a back burner.

First let me describe the space.  O'Zone, as well as a coffee shop, another restaurant and several offices, are located in the old Sacred Heart Hospital.  Built in the Gothic Revival style and opened it the early 20th century, it's a very beautiful building from the outside.  Inside, there are hallways that surround the restaurant that look like one would imagine in an old hospital:  wide and spooky.  In the bathroom, there are remnants of where patients' charts, or maybe, x-rays hung.  I'm trying to figure those out.  You wonder who and what have been in these spaces.  Rumor has it that O'Zone sits where the morgue once was... It certainly makes for an interesting story.

The restaurant, which is a couple of rooms plus the main dining area/bar, has a hipster-hippie vibe.  Don't fret if you're not one of the two, you'll still fit in.  The waitstaff is funky in the good sense.  And the atmosphere is fun and it can get loud, yet not rowdy.  Loud can certainly be annoying, but in O'Zone it's to be appreciated.

So, the pizza.  My friend Mr. Mc and I ditched our diets temporarily and went for the Veg Out.  Hey, we we're doing a little good, right?  Veggies!  It was topped with three cheeses plus feta, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives and Roma tomatoes.  It came out at the right time and at just the right temperature.  The toppings were crunchy in the right spots, well cooked in the others, and tasted fresh.  I like when the onion has a crisp, but cooked texture, and when the tomatoes could be part of a stew, without being mushy.  This is what we got with our economical $8.98 pizza purchase.

The crust was a little bit thicker than I would prefer, but I like a thinner crust than most.  This certainly didn't ruin the taste.  I just skipped a couple of the ends.

I have a soft spot for O'Zone and the other businesses in the old hospital.  Once out of a handful of visits, I had pizza that was a little doughy and unimpressive.  But not this time around.  For this night's price, promptness and taste, I will give O'zone 6 out of 8 slices.

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