NYPD II Pizza Lake Worth Florida

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NYPD II Pizza Lake Worth Florida

Posted By: pete
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nypd-2-sicilianNYPD Pizza II is located on Jog Road and Lantana in Lake Worth (561) 868-0500. I once again bought pizza for the family this Friday evening, and tried NYPD II which is located right near the gym I go to. I ordered one regular pie and one Sicilian. I feel you always got to try both to see what a pizza place really specializes in.

For the atmosphere it really does seem like a place you can find in N.Y. Now for the pizza....The Sicilian: when I first opened the box and looked at it I was a little hesitant to try a slice. I thought ohhh look, some more Ellios pizza from a pizzeria in Florida. There must of been 6 of those little white table things in there as you maybe can see in the photo. Usually these are placed on pizza to avoid having the top of the pie make contact with the box while traveling.  Some were sunk in the dough so much that they served little or no purpose in helping keep the pie from touching the cardboard.  Do these things really matter?  One way or the other they mess up your pie!  Did I really need 6+ of them in this instance?  As for the taste, the cheese sauce distribution was pretty good.  It not too overwhelming an amount of either. The  crust was crispy, not soft or undercooked, but when you took a bite there was something missing. Its hard to explain but when you took a bite it was like you were biting into air. The dough was missing its punch. Its very hard to put into words, just it was airy seems like the best way to portray it. The sauce tasted good though and the cheese was melted nicely. The real issue is just with the dough, and lack of taste.

I give their Sicilian slice 2 out of 8 slices. If the dough was there when you took a bite it can easily be 4 or 5 out of 8.

nypd-2-regularFor the regular: what i can say this was pretty good! The crust was crispy and cooked just enough. The sauce:cheese distribution was just right as it was in the Sicilian. Nothing too overwhelming of either on the slice. You tasted just enough of everything with every bite. Not where you got sauce or cheese squirting out the side. This pizza reminded me of a place that used to be located near my house in Staten Island, and tasted almost the same. There is almost nothing I can say that is bad about this regular pizza, other then the fact that it was just a little too greasy (oily). The dough was also decent on their regular slice. The airy feeling that I had with the Sicilian in not noticeable on their regular slice.

I don't get how the crust on both didn't taste the same. For the regular slice @ NYPD I give it 4 out of 8 slices. They fix their airy dough problem, and they have the potential to make some pretty good pies.

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