Nino’s Pizza – Boca Raton, Florida

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Nino’s Pizza – Boca Raton, Florida

Posted By: Lapp
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Today I left the house not expecting to get pizza, but my wife started to annoy me and I decided to make an excuse to get out of the house so I wouldn't have to help her do anything! I drove by Nino's Pizza in Boca Raton and decided that would definitely be the place for me. Until I recently found Tony's Pizza, Nino's was my favorite. Nino's has one of the true New York style Sicilian slices I found after moving here, and needless to say I frequent this place very often. Louie behind the counter always makes a pie with care and a sort of pride. Louie tosses the dough in the air and catches it during the spin letting you know just how perfect this pizza will be. The sauce is great and the cheese they use possesses the quality I deserve. If I could change two things about Nino's they would be:

1. They only take cash, and this causes me troubles every now and then when I forget to have cash on me!

2. You have to have a server bring you the slice of pizza which in my eyes is totally absurd and idiotic! Why can I not just walk up to the counter, order my slice/s and sit down. Do I really need to pay someone to do that for me????

One thing I noticed today about the pizza is that the regular slice drooped over as I held the outer crust. This is something that usually doesn't happen here and something I find that lower quality places, which do not put in the right ingredients in their dough, have happen to them. The Parmesan cheese they leave on the tables at Nino's is also wonderful!

Ninos get 6 out of 8 slices!

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